Dinghy Racing

You now have access to the same technology as used by champion sailors around the world.


Local marine weather forecasts are generalised over a wide region. While this is helpful for knowing the general wind speed and direction, the conditions can fluctuate widely across the marine weather forecast region. PredictWind gives you the competitive edge with a detailed and accurate wind forecast.

Dinghy racing generally takes place close to shore. Local marine forecasts won’t tell you how the surrounding land will increase, reduce or bend the wind around your race course. With a one square kilometre resolution forecast, PredictWind can give you a detailed map of your local area showing predicted changes in wind speed and direction hour by hour across your intended race course.

Preparation is often the key to winning yachting events. Plan ahead with the best marine forecast available, so that your sail selection, rig setup, and race strategy are the best they can be.

When travelling to regattas away from home PredictWind can give you local knowledge without even sailing in the venue.

Get a good handle on the wind speed and direction trends for the day's racing.


Ensure your rig tune, sail selection and race strategy is on track with an accurate wind forecast.


Real-time Wind Observations

Now with the real-time wind observations you can accurately pick which of the two PredictWind forecasts is performing the best.

The PredictWind Basic Package is the best package for the serious dinghy racer. This package contains the 1km resolution forecast maps for your local area.

The Free Package is an entry level package for those racing over a small race course area and wanting the very best forecast summary. This package contains the 8km resolution forecast maps, but not the 1km resolution forecast maps.

Both packages have access to the PredictWind Mobile Service, so you can get the latest text forecast on your mobile phone at no extra charge.

When going to new venues, you will instantly have 'local knowledge' by viewing the Wind Forecast Maps.

Grant Beck

Grant Beck

  • 2008 Olympic Coach to Tom Ashley - Gold Medalist
  • Weather Strategist for Emirates Team NZ 2007 Americas Cup
  • 2000 Olympic Coach to Barbara Kendall Bronze Medalist / Coach to Aaron McIntosh Bronze Medalist
  • 1996 Olympic Coach to Barbara Kendall Silver Medalist
  • 1992 Olympic Coach to Barbara Kendall Gold Medalist
  • 1988 Olympic Coach to Bruce Kendall Gold Medalist
  • 1984 Olympic Coach to Bruce Kendall Bronze Medalist

"I have been using PredictWind since early 2008 to assist me for in supporting a number of the classes I have been coaching at regattas all around the world. It has been a great tool to use and I shall be using it regularly in the future."