GO! exec® SIM Cards & Plans

Free SIM card with every order when you purchase any Iridium GO! exec, exec & DataHub Pack, or exec Complete Package

FREE SIMGO! exec® SIM Cards & Plans

Unlimited Data Plan

Get unlimited* data for PredictWind services and pre-paid AnyApp Data for when you want full internet access. Avoid bill shock and never run out of data for critical services while offshore.

*GRIB downloads in the Offshore App are limited to 4MB/day.

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Unlimited Plan
Airtime Plans

Select a monthly plan, with all the voice and data minutes you need for your next adventure.


GO! exec Unlimited
USD/ month
Unlimited PredictWind Data*
Pre-paid AnyApp Data
50 voice minutes
* Requires a Standard or Pro forecast subscription
GO! exec 5
USD/ month
5 MB's of data
5 voice minutes
Enough data for hourly GPS Tracking, AI Polars, Anchor Alerts and more.
GO! exec 25
USD/ month
25 MB's of data
25 voice minutes
GO! exec 100
USD/ month
100 MB/month
50 mins/month
GO! exec 250
USD/ month
250 MB's of data
250 voice minutes
GO! exec Yearly 1200
USD/ year
1200 MB/Year
600 mins/year

SIM Cards

Iridium Certus SIM Cards from PredictWind offer global coverage and a range of monthly and yearly billed plans to suit your needs and budget.

Buy direct from PredictWind and get activated on the network within 10 minutes! Open term contracts can be cancelled any time* in the Satellite Portal. Unlike the Iridium GO! SIM cards, you can re-active the same Certus SIM card. Therefore it is not necessary to buy multiple SIM cards. Perfect for offshore year round or seasonal use, keeping you connected anywhere in the world.

*You cannot cancel in the same month you activate, you can cancel in the following month, but you will still be charged for the entire second month of service.