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Weather Routing Now With Depth Avoidance

November 26, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

In a world first for weather routing, the PredictWind Weather Router now uses Depth Avoidance, rather than traditional land avoidance. In order to achieve this, PredictWind acquired 2m/5m/10m/20m/30m depth contours for the entire world. This massive depth contour dataset sits on the PredictWind servers, so that you can easily route your boat safely around shallow […]

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Which Forecast Model 
Is More Accurate?

November 9, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

One of the most popular questions for PredictWind is “Which Forecast Model should I use”? Often the best method is to use a consensus of the models, and when the models are similar, you can have greater confidence in the forecast. However, some forecast models do perform better than others in certain locations around the […]

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Lost at Sea – Nigel Fox

November 1, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

Iridium Go – LifeSaver I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks to the PredictWind team in what could be considered a slightly different use of the GPS tracking capabilities of the Iridium Go! As a solo sailor, part of my support team is a friend who monitors the progress of my yacht using […]

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Historical Weather Data

August 13, 2021 comment-icon 2 Comments

  When planning your next adventure, it’s essential to know the best time of year for the optimum wind and wave conditions. In addition, it’s also nice to compare what air temperature, sea temperatures and rainfall to expect. Every location in the PredictWind Local Knowledge feature has 10-years of average historical weather data. With this […]

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Predicting the Winds & Currents for the Tokyo Olympics

July 8, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

PredictWind is known for the best weather models globally and we have also been working hard to develop the very best tidal current predictions worldwide. With our goal to be the market leader in Tidal and Ocean Current we are excited to release a new high resolution current model for the Tokyo Olympic sailing race […]

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Introducing New Alert Feature

June 23, 2021 comment-icon 2 Comments

We have recently launched our all new Alert Feature to send App notifications or alert emails using your very own alert criteria, which is triggered by the latest forecast, or the real time observations. Now you can be sure to never miss a great day on the water!   Why Alerts? We all lead busy […]

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Get Local Knowledge with PredictWind

May 21, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

We are excited to announce a new feature called “Local Knowledge”. This is a community resource where you can share your knowledge with all PredictWind users or just your private friend group. It is a wealth of information, so you can find the “Local Knowledge” wherever you are, you may even learn about some spots […]

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Your Complete Weather Tool – Offshore App from PredictWind

March 25, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

We have been working hard on improving the Offshore App with new features, along with the best forecast data available, making the App vital for safe offshore passages. Any time you are coastal sailing or crossing the ocean, you will find the PredictWind Offshore App has all the weather tools and connection capabilities needed to […]

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Get the Forecasts & Observations Americas Cup Teams Use

February 4, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

PredictWind is the Weather Data Supplier of the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada! The America’s Cup is the most prestigious sailing event in the world and its 36th edition will take place in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2021. You can have access to the same world leading wind forecasts & Observations as the […]

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America’s Cup Spectator Boundary Now Live In App

January 27, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

If you are heading out on the water to watch the Prada Cup you will need the PredictWind App which has just been updated with an interactive Spectator Boundary map. The PredictWind App can show you where to position yourself with the live Spectator Boundary Map. The map uses your phone’s GPS position to show […]

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New High Resolution Forecast Models – HRRR, NAM & AROME

December 15, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

PredictWind is very excited to release the HRRR, NAM and Arome models. We have added another 3 high resolution forecast models, for limited areas around the world, that have higher resolution for better accuracy. High resolution models can accurately model topographical and thermal effects such as sea breezes. These new models will benefit coastal marine […]

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PredictWind helps get Ocean Cruising Club fleet home safely during the Covid-19 Pandemic

December 9, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

The Covid-19 pandemic created a perfect storm of circumstances for cruising yachts across the world. PredictWind’s Offshore App helped deliver over 90 of them to safety in an epic Atlantic Crossing.

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New PredictWind Weather Router

November 30, 2020 comment-icon 6 Comments

We are excited to announce the release of PredictWind’s new weather routing algorithm with completely new code that offers unparalleled performance. Faster Routes The new routing algorithm finds the faster routes 70-90% of the time, compared to our competition. We tested the new PredictWind router against the competition, by using the same boat polar, the […]

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New Global Forecast Models – SPIRE & UKMO

November 18, 2020 comment-icon 1 Comment

PredictWind are very excited to partner with SPIRE & UKMO. Our goal is to give you the most accurate forecast data available. A single forecast model will never be the most accurate in all situations, so by having access to the world’s top forecast models you can be assured to get the best possible forecast, […]

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New Wind Observations – in your area.

September 13, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

In addition to the most accurate forecast data, we now have expanded our live weather station network for wind speed and direction around the world. MADIS stations ​We have added 4,900 stations from the MADIS database which includes NOAA stations, and other providers around the world. The breakdown is 500 around the world’s oceans, 1400 stations […]

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PredictWind App – Easier & Faster

August 26, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

The PredictWind App has been updated with some great new features. Pinpoint Forecast Accuracy It is now easier to set up your forecast location, at the exact position of your activity, using the help of the GPS in your device to ensure you are getting the best possible forecast. Map Download Speed The time to […]

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You Can Depend On PredictWind

March 20, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

First and foremost we wish you good health and safety during this time. In the wake of the current global outbreak of COVID-19, we wanted to take this time to communicate our business operations and response. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we expect to continue delivering the same level of excellent service and have the […]

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The BEST Offshore Satellite Solution

February 20, 2020 comment-icon 2 Comments

The Iridium GO! has proven itself to be the best solution for offshore satellite communications. The only satellite device with a cost effective unlimited data plan and wifi hotspot makes the GO perfect for weather downloads, emails, SMS and voice calls when you are out of reach. Simple to Use Easy setup and connection Versatile […]

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The Ultimate GPS Tracking Device

February 2, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

The YB3i is the ultimate GPS tracking device, and is now affordable for every boat. Powered by Iridium technology you will always have full GPS tracking coverage anywhere on the planet. Here are 6 reasons to buy a PredictWind YB3i for GPS tracking:  1. Safety GPS tracking is a well proven safety feature for all […]

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Forecast Tables Redesign – Includes Tides!

November 24, 2019 comment-icon 0 Comments

The Tide has come in! The forecast tables have been redesigned with innovative new features. We now display tides!   View Latest Forecasts   Daily Briefing also now shows Tides! The daily briefing interprets all the data in the forecast tables to give you a forecast you can expect from an expert. ECMWF data is […]

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PredictWind Forecasts More Accurate Than Ever

October 31, 2019 comment-icon 0 Comments

PredictWind has made significant improvements to their weather models. 10 years of development has culminated in the release of the most accurate iteration of the PWG & PWE forecast model to date. This means that the PredictWind models now give you more forecast confidence than ever before, making your time on the water safer and […]

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Racing Around New Zealand with PredictWind Offshore & Iridium GO!

October 10, 2019 comment-icon 0 Comments

In early 2019 Damon Joliffe and Josh Tucker very successfully completed the SSANZ round New Zealand Race. Here is a debrief of how it went and how they used PredictWind.

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Save Your Memories With PredictWind

September 30, 2019 comment-icon 0 Comments

Our GPS tracking pages have been completely redesigned and have the following new features: Now display the weather for your boat’s current position and time for friends & family. Add notes to your Track, as a visual blog of what is happening onboard. Add photos to posts along your route. Follow other boats that have PredictWind GPS tracking within 60 miles of your location. View a cruising rally in your area. Boat tracks can be viewed on your public web page, the PredictWind website, the PredictWind App or in the Offshore App View […]

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Streamlines – PredictWind’s Most Advanced Weather Graphics

August 28, 2019 comment-icon 0 Comments

Check out the New Advanced Streamline graphics from PredictWind.  Watch the video below to learn more: Get your free forecast now: Signup Here

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119NM on a Foiling Kiteboard

December 6, 2018 comment-icon 2 Comments

In late October 2018 the PredictWind Team supported leading NZ Kitefoiler Sam Bullock in his attempt to do the 119Nm Coastal Classic course as an unofficial entry. Sam Bullock is the 2 x NZ kitefoiling national champ so is more accustomed to sailing around short courses, so the 6 hours and 32 minutes to complete […]

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PredictWind Weather Boat Launch

November 26, 2018 comment-icon 0 Comments

PredictWind have launched their Weather Boat. Custom Built by Bladerunner Boats in Auckland, the foil assisted catamaran will be a valuable asset to the weather company over the coming years. The 9-metre catamaran will fill many roles for PredictWind revolving around a central goal of providing the best marine weather service in the world. In […]

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PredictWind Review – David & Janet Hollier – Full Time Around the World Cruisers

November 19, 2018 comment-icon 1 Comment

Use of PredictWind on passage – a question of seamanship. Written By David Hollier To Go or Wait is usually the big question in any marina and it was certainly an issue for us on a recent passage from Whangarei in New Zealand to Minerva reef. We use PredictWind to help us plan our passages. […]

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PredictWind Review – Hamish Willcox – Olympics Coach and Cruiser

November 8, 2018 comment-icon 0 Comments

I have a couple of stories I would like to share with you about PredictWind. Some 16 years ago I had the privilege to coach Jon Bilger at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. Of course we developed a great relationship having already had tremendous respect for each other based on many years rivalry sailing […]

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Get Expert Advice For Your Forecast Location

Ever wondered how to accurately interpret the 4 forecasts for your forecast location? This can be a little daunting and time consuming so our meteorological & development team have developed code to process the data used in the forecast tables & graphs to summarize the forecast into a Daily Briefing. Specific forecasts for your activity […]

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Why Iridium GO! is still the easiest & best satellite device for Offshore sailors

September 7, 2018 comment-icon 20 Comments

1) The Best Value on market Unlimited data US$139.95/Month Unlimited SMS texts 150 minutes free voice calling (outbound calling) Free Satellite Email client for iOS/Android Comes with Wifi hotspot/firewall built in 2) New Satellite Network Iridium has made a 3 billion dollar investment in 66 new satellites in one of the largest technology upgrades ever […]

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8 reasons to buy your Iridium GO! from PredictWind

Best pricing on the web – Iridium GO at US$699 and the Iridium GO Marine Pack with the Iridium Fixed Installation Kit at an incredible US$999 – Save $230 compared to competitor pricing. Free Personalized GPS tracking page with a PredictWind Standard Subscription, and a PredictWind Iridium GO! Sim Card. No Sim card activation fees. […]

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8 reasons to switch to PredictWind airtime for your Iridium GO!

Free Personalised GPS tracking page with a PredictWind Standard Subscription, and a PredictWind Iridium GO Sim Card. No Sim card activation fees Full billing control. Ability to set up Alerts and Data Caps for low cost billing plans. Billing prorated if you activate part way through the month. Change plans part way through the month […]

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Why upgrade your Satellite Phone to an Iridium GO!

We recommend selling your existing Iridium Phone, and upgrading to the Iridium GO!  The upgrade cost is minimal and the benefits listed below make the investment worthwhile.   1) Only the Iridium GO! has an Unlimited Data plan at US$139.95/month, which is incredible value. This will save you a small fortune in data communication costs. […]

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Iridium GO! Offshore Review – Keryn McMaster, 2 times Volvo Ocean racing sailor

We don’t just sell the Iridium GO!, we actually use it in real life. Not just in the office, but when Offshore. Learn more from Keryn McMaster – 2 times Volvo Ocean racing sailor, and Team Leader of customer support at PredictWind . Buy Now from US$699 or US$999 with Iridium Fixed Installation Kit.

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The #1 PredictWind Forecasting Tip

June 28, 2018 comment-icon 0 Comments

Always use the most recent forecast possible. The most recent forecast will always be more accurate. Often waiting a few hours until you get the latest forecast can make all the difference between a good decision and a bad decision. PredictWind shows you exactly when the forecasts will next be updated so you can make […]

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Direct Downloads Now On Windows 10 & Android

The PredictWind Offshore App now supports Direct Downloads on all platforms for weather data over a Satellite Connection. In the past (and with other GRIB viewers) you needed to send an email request, wait for the reply, wait for each individual file to be downloaded, then save and import into your GRIB viewer. Direct Downloads […]

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Updated Privacy Policy To Comply With GDPR

May 1, 2018 comment-icon 0 Comments

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We take our data privacy responsibilities very seriously at PredictWind. So, we want you to understand and feel confident about how we collect, store and handle your personal data. Our new Privacy Policy explains this and sets out the rights you have […]

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Indicators for Predicting Severe Weather

October 30, 2017 comment-icon 44 Comments

Recently we have added CAPE and Gust Maps to help you predict severe weather, and avoid these conditions.   CAPE CAPE stands for Convective Available Potential Energy and is the amount of fuel available to a developing thunderstorm. More specifically, it describes the instability of the atmosphere and provides an approximation of updraft strength within […]

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Offshore App – Major Updates

October 24, 2017 comment-icon 4 Comments

PredictWind is constantly updating their Offshore App to provide you with the best possible forecast  experience and the latest tools and features. The PredictWind Offshore App now operates on 4 platforms, Mac, PC, iOS and Android. All of these platforms have had major updates with the Windows 10 version being fully rebuilt from the ‘ground […]

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Emirates Team NZ Win AC 35

July 12, 2017 comment-icon 0 Comments

Congratulations Emirates Team New Zealand on winning the 35th edition of the America’s Cup match. PredictWind is incredibly proud to call New Zealand our home and we have loved supporting all the Cup Teams in Bermuda with our forecasts and observations. We can’t wait for AC36 in our home waters. Many of the sailors from […]

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Better wave forecasts from PredictWind & ECMWF

June 25, 2017 comment-icon 0 Comments

PredictWind is well known for its world leading accurate wind forecasts, but did you know Predictwind also leads the way with accurate wave forecasts.     How are the wave forecasts produced? The proprietary PredictWind PWG/PWE wind forecasts are used to drive the WaveWatch III wave model run by PredictWind to produce an accurate 50km […]

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PredictWind Waszp Team 30 NM Downwind!

February 7, 2017 comment-icon 0 Comments

​The PredictWind Team took their Waszp on a 30NM sail! It was harder than we imagined. Check it out here.

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ECMWF – Now on PredictWind

November 10, 2016 comment-icon