10-Day Forecast

April 12, 2022 comment-icon 0 Comments

We are excited to release long range forecasts for all users on the PredictWind App. The 7-day forecasts are now extended out to 10 days, using the ECMWF, SPIRE & GFS models.

Forecast accuracy beyond 7 days is challenging for any model, but by comparing these 3 top long range forecast models, you can get an indication of the accuracy of the 10 day forecast.

When planning ahead for the following weekend, a 7-day forecast is often not long enough. A 10-day forecast along with the PredictWind multi-model approach gives you confidence to make the right decisions.


How to view the 10-day forecast


Daily Briefing
Using our smart algorithm, we “crunch the data” to give you the forecast in an easy-to-understand text forecast.

Forecast Tables
Easily compare the ECMWF, SPIRE & GFS models, side by side, to locate any uncertainty in the forecast.

Forecast Graphs
View the 10-day forecast and compare variables in a clear and concise visual format with Graphs.

Forecast Maps
View the bigger picture to further understand the situation and the certainty of the forecast.