8 reasons to switch to PredictWind airtime for your Iridium GO!

September 7, 2018 comment-icon 20 Comments
  1. Free Personalised GPS tracking page with a PredictWind Standard Subscription, and a PredictWind Iridium GO Sim Card.
  2. No Sim card activation fees
  3. Full billing control. Ability to set up Alerts and Data Caps for low cost billing plans.
  4. Billing prorated if you activate part way through the month.
  5. Change plans part way through the month
  6. Ability to monitor data and voice usage.
  7. The best customer support in the industry. One stop shop for support and billing
  8. SIM Cards shipped from 4 locations around the world – USA/Europe/Australia/NZ – economical shipping rates, faster delivery and no customs/duties in these 4 countries.


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