Not just for sailors! ‘Big Angry Fish’ also rely on PredictWind

November 20, 2014 comment-icon 0 Comments

It always amazes us the reports we get back from all corners of the globe about how PredictWind is helping people do what they do!

This time it’s our mates over at Big Angry Fish, a TV show chasing the next big catch on whatever part of the ocean takes their fancy. We’ve been following the show for a few years and we recently found out that the boys have been getting great results from PredictWind’s forecasting.


Milan (above left) was raving about all the features that we, as sailors, have grown to love. “We pretty much run our business by it, as it’s very accurate,” he said. “When you are talking 2 trucks, 2 boats, and 5 staff it starts getting expensive when you aren’t even getting on the water. PredictWind would have paid for itself 10 times over for us, and it pretty much decides the days we film. It’s a fantastic tool.”

Cheers guys! Great to hear you’re enjoying the benefits of a reliable forecast from PredictWind!

Check out what Milan had to say over in our Fishing Testimonials or see their YouTube page for more Big Angry Fish moments!