Direct Downloads Now On Windows 10 & Android

June 28, 2018 comment-icon 0 Comments

The PredictWind Offshore App now supports Direct Downloads on all platforms for weather data over a Satellite Connection. In the past (and with other GRIB viewers) you needed to send an email request, wait for the reply, wait for each individual file to be downloaded, then save and import into your GRIB viewer. Direct Downloads via satellite are as simple as if you were on a standard internet connection with the PredictWind Offshore App.

Direct Downloads in the Offshore App have been available for some time on Mac, iOS and Windows 7 but are now available on the Windows 10 and Android Offshore App. This sets the PredictWind Offshore App apart from the competition when it comes to GRIB viewers and downloads.


Improved Topographical Maps

High resolution topographic maps with detailed place names are now automatically downloaded when on a standard internet connection. The maps are also stored for access while offline or on a satellite connection.


GRIB File Management

Previously, only the latest GRIB data downloaded was available. Now the most recent GRIB file is displayed at all times. For example, you can download some large ocean/tide current GRIB files before the passage, and they will still be available when you make your next download to update your weather GRIB files, giving you the ability to compare the latest weather data with your still valid ocean data.