Get Expert Advice For Your Forecast Location

November 8, 2018 comment-icon 0 Comments

Ever wondered how to accurately interpret the 4 forecasts for your forecast location?

This can be a little daunting and time consuming so our meteorological & development team have developed code to process the data used in the forecast tables & graphs to summarize the forecast into a Daily Briefing.

Specific forecasts for your activity

The day has been divided into 4 periods –  early morning, morning, afternoon and evening and then analysed for these periods.

Filter the data

The data is filtered to remove the “outliers” to give you the most likely forecast.

Identifying trends

Looking for trends in the forecast is often key to making good decisions. E.g.  is the wind strength expected to increase or decrease or stay the same?

Meteorological knowledge

There are certain circumstances where some meteorological  knowledge needs to be applied to the data. For example if the rainfall is less than 0.4mm and the cloud cover is less than 50% it is likely to be “isolated showers”.


The Daily Briefing is available in the Forecast Website and the PredictWind App.

View on Forecast Site

View in PredictWind App

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