Get Local Knowledge with PredictWind

May 21, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

We are excited to announce a new feature called “Local Knowledge”. This is a community resource where you can share your knowledge with all PredictWind users or just your private friend group. It is a wealth of information, so you can find the “Local Knowledge” wherever you are, you may even learn about some spots in your own local area!


Get the Local Knowledge on the following:



To see the full list of locations please visit our help section.


What is unique about PredictWind’s Local Knowledge


  1. Designed by the PredictWind Community tailored for You: it has all the info you need! 

  2. Public or Private: Spot information can be shared to all PredictWind registered users or kept private within your friend group.

  3. Expert Input: Find the best spots to make your time on the water more enjoyable, spend less time looking for the right spots and just go straight to them, you can get the best information with Local Knowledge.

  4. News Feed:  Follow a boat (person) to see their latest updates. 

  5. Daily Briefing: The PredictWind Daily Weather Briefing is available at every local knowledge spot.

  6. Climate Data: 10 years of Climate data from ECMWF is available to help plan your next trip with monthly averages for Wind Speed/Direction, Air Temperature, Rainfall, Wave Height/Direction/Period, Sea Surface Temperature, Cloud Coverage, Max Gust, and Thunderstorm Index.