Iridium GO! exec™

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Get more Offshore

The Iridium GO! exec™ keeps you safe and connected, anywhere in the world. It’s rugged, portable, reliable, low power, compact and 40X faster than the original Iridium GO!®. Increased download speeds open up a whole new world of possibilities while offshore, including more weather data, the new PredictWind email service and Anchor Alert app, real time polar updates, messaging, web access, social media posts, and the ability to work remotely from your boat.




  • 40x Faster than Iridium GO!
  • Multiple Devices
  • Stand-alone Satellite Phone
  • SOS Cutton
  • Global Coverage
  • Firewall & Data Controls
  • Iridium Messaging App
  • IP65 Rating
  • Optimized Email App



Simple to Use

Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium® satellite constellation to create an anywhere Wifi hotspot.

Faster & More Versatile

Supports a full range of global communications, including voice calls, free email access, applications, photo sharing, Whatsapp, Iridium free messaging and SOS alerts.

Go Anywhere

The Iridium GO! exec™ is built tough to withstand rain, sand and dust. Use it on and off the boat, or in an emergency in a life raft. No apps required so you can use the Iridium GO! exec™ just like an Iridium phone.

Connected 24/7

Unlike the original Iridium GO!® and other satellite phones, the Iridium GO! exec™ has a constant IP internet connection to give you instant connectivity. This feature opens up exciting new possibilities like our Anchor Alert app* that can constantly monitor your boat’s position and N2K data.


GPS Tracking

Pair up your Iridium GO! exec™ with a DataHub to enable
GPS tracking and an extensive list of additional features.

DataHub Features

GPS tracking / PredictMail / Transmit wind data / Broadcast GPS data / Broadcast internet / Boat polars / Log data / Remote Support / Insurance claim data / Broadcast AIS data

Get a free GPS tracking web page specifically for your boat, when you purchase the Iridium GO! exec™ or SIM card from PredictWind, and a PredictWind Standard Forecast Subscription. With automatic hourly updates, friends and family can monitor your progress on your website or blog. If your boat stops or alters course, friends can see that you may need assistance. Post blogs and photos that correlate with your GPS position, to share the excitement of the journey as it happens. Only PredictWind offers the DataHub for seamless automatic tracking updates from the Iridium GO! exec™.



Offshore email just got easier with our new PredictMail service, developed specifically for the GO! exec™. In a world first, you can now add a PredictMail account to your existing mail app and get optimised email while offshore.

PredictMail and the Datahub take care of the compression and filtering when you’re connected to your boat’s satellite connection. This allows you to go from a mobile data connection in town to an offshore connection with your phone, tablet or laptop using any compatible mail app, and your email will automatically be compressed into a satellite-friendly format to minimise your data usage.