How to save your ship from sinking!

April 9, 2014 comment-icon 4 Comments

A Holey Hull! Any ocean lovers nightmare.

But what can you do to save your pride and joy if you’re unfortunate enough to experience this dilemma?

In the following videos the helpful lads from “Yachting Monthly” deliberately put a hole in their test yacht and try different methods of plugging the leak. Everything from putting a cushion under your foot planted against the hole right through to a purpose built leak stemming umbrella! Theres even an inflatable life jacket featured…

Definitely worth watching in case you are ever unfortunate enough to experience a boat sinking with you on it!

So there it is… Get your mate to mash a cushion into the hole whilst you and another friend manage to position something sail-like of the exterior of the hole. The cushion will limit the amount of water taken on board and once you have the sail fothering the hole from the outside you can head back to the hard for some repairs!

It’s when you get into trouble like this you become thankful for the communication hardware you installed. Check out our worldwide coverage solution, the Satellite Communicator.

Safe sailing everybody.

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