Introducing New Alert Feature

June 23, 2021 comment-icon 2 Comments

We have recently launched our all new Alert Feature to send App notifications or alert emails using your very own alert criteria, which is triggered by the latest forecast, or the real time observations.

Now you can be sure to never miss a great day on the water!


Why Alerts?

We all lead busy lives and at times we can forget to check the forecast. If you are passionate about being on the water, you really need to plan ahead, and book this time into your schedule.


What is different with the new Forecast Alerts?

1) The alerts check an intelligent average of the PredictWind models so that you will receive one alert (if your conditions are matched) for each 12 hourly forecast update.
2) The alerts can also be triggered by your selected real time weather stations during your scheduled alert period.


What conditions can I get alerted on?

Pretty much everything on PredictWind! Wind Speed & Direction, Gust, Temperature, Rainfall, Cloud Cover, Wave Height, Direction & Period and Tidal Height.


How far can I plan ahead?

You can be alerted 1 day ahead, or right out to 5 days in advance via email or App notifications.


How can I “lock it” in my calendar?

Our system will send you a Calendar Feed invite via email, so you can “lock it” in your diary. After you accept the Calendar Feed invitation, your calendar will update automatically according to the PredictWind Forecast to ensure you will not miss a great day out on the water!