Major Updates to the Offshore App

April 22, 2015 comment-icon 10 Comments

We have been busy adding new features to the Offshore App necessary for your next passage or race. The new features enhance the current features and make the App even more user friendly.


In the latest version the following updates have been made.

  • Departure Planning is now available in the Offshore App. It the same as the online version and also allows the departure time to be spaced from 1 hr up to 24 hours.
  • Start time, comfort settings, polar %, and motoring options for Weather Routing can all be modified through the Offshore App, and with a download size of 1.5Kb it is ideally suited for satellite and SSB connections.
  • Export Weather Routing waypoints in a GPX format for use in your navigation package.
  • Download a 7 day Destination Forecast for your anchor or mooring location, keeping you informed of conditions even at your destination.
  • Vector charting now added to allow users to zoom right down to the 100m level.
  • Wave, SST & Ocean Current GRIB files are now available.
  • 14 Day GRIB forecasts now available
  • Connection reliability has been improved on both PC/Mac operating systems for the Iridium GO! interface.
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Coming Soon…

  • A GRIB viewer will be available in the Offshore App at the end of Q2 this year.
  • The Offshore App will be available on the iOS/Android operating system in Q3 this year!

The Offshore App has been specifically designed for use with satellite and SSB connections in mind and we have worked with Iridium to make it compatible with their latest satellite connection product, the Iridium GO!.

Copy of iridium-go-lead

The Iridium GO! is a revolution to the satellite communication market for so many reasons.

  • Unlimited data plans from $125USD!
  • 1 month contract on any plan, not 12 or 24 like old plans.
  • Wifi hotspot for up to 5 Smartphones, Tables or Computers.
  • Use your existing Smartphone for better quality calls and less outlay cost.
  • Seamless integration with the PredictWind Offshore app.
  • Free mobile and tablet apps from Iridium including a free iridium email address and compression software.
  • SOS feature by GEOS Travel Safety Group to provide an emergency response coordination service for your Iridium GO! at no additional charge.

Dedicated Sat phones of the past have been completely outclassed by the lower cost and improved usability provided in the GO!. Here at PredictWind we have put together an unbeatable Marine Package which includes a GO! unit and everything needed to install it. Check out the best value Iridium GO! online for a 22% discount on our marine package.

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