New Wind Observations – in your area.

September 13, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

In addition to the most accurate forecast data, we now have expanded our live weather station network for wind speed and direction around the world.

MADIS stations
We have added 4,900 stations from the MADIS database which includes NOAA stations, and other providers around the world. The breakdown is 500 around the world’s oceans, 1400 stations used for aviation, and 3,000 from the Worldwide MADIS mesonet. Updates are every 10 minutes to 1 hour.

​NDBC Weather Buoy Network
We have added 700 NDBC weather buoys, with updates every hour. View the coverage map.

Sofar Spotter Wave Buoy
Sofar Ocean has the largest private network of drifting weather buoys in the Pacific (250 increasing to 500 by the end of this year) with the innovative Spotter Wave Buoy. Using spectral data from the wave buoy, the wind speed and direction is estimated with surprising accuracy. View the coverage map for Spotter Buoys, with updates every hour. We highly recommend watching the Demo Video for an insight into the Spotter Wave Buoy technology.

BOM Weather Stations
PredictWind now has access to 800 BOM weather stations that are updated every 10 minutes across Australia.

PredictWind Stations
PredictWind has added another 5 weather stations in Auckland & Wellington bringing the total to 15 proprietary weather stations in New Zealand.

Simple and Powerful
The observation user interface is designed by experts but remains simple and easy to use for everyone:

  • Map format: view all live weather stations in your area on a map.
  • Graph format: click on any wind arrow on the map to see a graph of the data. Swap between 48hrs/12hrs/6hrs/1hr to see the trends over time.
  • Table Format: click on the Table tab to see a table format: Select from 1min, 15min or 60min averaging.

Rate the Weather Stations in your area
We have introduced a 5-star accuracy rating system, so you can now rate your local weather stations for wind speed and direction accuracy. An average customer rating is displayed for all stations, and the option to hide any station with a low accuracy rating.

Add New Weather Stations or WebCams
Do you have any favourite weather stations or web cameras that you currently view on a publicly available website? Please let us know the website address, and we can look at adding this data to the PredictWind Observational network.