Offshore App – Now with a GRIB Viewer

November 20, 2015 comment-icon 2 Comments

The Offshore App from PredictWind now includes a fully featured Grib Viewer.

This free App from PredictWind now has a built in GRIB viewer with smooth animations that put it at the forefront of GRIB viewing technology. Now GRIB forecasts can be downloaded and viewed effortlessly all in one place.




Easily switch between your forecast data

Setup your route to automatically download and view your GRIB forecasts,weather routing, GMDSS forecasts, and Satellite Imagery. Easily switch between your preferred forecast format.


Forecast Models

The PredictWind tools show a comparison between the forecast models – PWC, PWC, GFS and CMC – giving you greater confidence in the forecast to make better decisions for your comfort and safety.


Forecast Overlay on the Routing

When you have downloaded the weather routing and the GRIB files, the forecast will be overlaid on the weather routing. As you animate through the journey, you will see the the weather patterns that correlate with your position along the route.


Enjoy the graphics & animation

With stunning weather graphics and easy animation, the Offshore App makes viewing the forecast data a pleasure. All data is saved for offline viewing, so ideal for Satellite or SSB connections.


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