One Stop Forecasting Shop

August 25, 2016 comment-icon 0 Comments

One Stop Forecasting Shop.


Now you can get more forecast information in one place than ever before, we have taken the bold step of adding government provided forecasts to our award winning forecasting software.


PredictWind has always offered our proprietary PWG and PWC world leading forecasts on our site for comparison. When the forecasts are similar users can have a higher degree of confidence in forecast accuracy.


Other websites commonly only use the GFS forecast model, a free forecast provided by NOAA, and simply repackage it with their own graphics. In the name of forecast accuracy, PredictWind now provide both the common GFS and CMC forecasts for comparison along with their proprietary high resolution PWG and PWC forecasts.



“By comparing the four models you can have a really high level of confidence in the forecast. The benefit is that, now you don’t need to check multiple sites to get this confidence.” says PredictWind CEO, Jon Bilger.


PredictWind is the only non government organisation in the world to provide a publically available global weather model.


“People often misunderstand the weather modelling process. We run our own models twice daily, these models are not based on some other forecast then modified, they are truly independent and are run in a similar manner as government agencies do around the world” says Bilger. “We have some very smart people and advanced computer modelling that allows us to do what many think is impossible, this gives us huge advantages over our competitors relying on the same government department supplied information”.


PredictWind has always had the ability to display all 4 models in the Offshore App, now the PredictWind forecast website and the PredictWind iOS and Android apps have the 4 models on display in Tables, Graphs and Wind Maps.


Generally the proprietary PWG and PWC PredictWind models at the higher 8km and 1km resolution will give a more accurate and detailed weather forecast. However adding the GFS and CMC for an alternative comparison gives the end user a very strong tool for clear, concise and timely decision making.