Predicting the Winds & Currents for the Tokyo Olympics

July 8, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

PredictWind is known for the best weather models globally and we have also been working hard to develop the very best tidal current predictions worldwide. With our goal to be the market leader in Tidal and Ocean Current we are excited to release a new high resolution current model for the Tokyo Olympic sailing race course. The current model is coupled with the PredictWind atmospheric forecast models to predict the tidal and wind driven currents for the Olympic sailing race area.


Tokyo Current Forecast


We are offering this leading edge technology free of charge to any of the Olympic sailors. Please contact us to get access to the very best current and wind forecasts if you are (or know of) a competitor in the next Olympic games.


Solent Tidal Current Forecast


Would you like access to high resolution tidal current data in your local area or favourite marine location?

We are in the process of adding 50 new tidal current domains, focusing on the most popular locations worldwide. To let us know an area of interest please create a forecast location in the PredictWind app or website called “current”, we can search for these “current” locations in our database and will endeavour to set up a tidal current model for your area of interest. We anticipate the new tidal current domains will be operational in the next 6 months and will display the current field in the same way that you view wind maps showing hour by hour current streamlines.