PredictWind App – Easier & Faster

August 26, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

The PredictWind App has been updated with some great new features.

Pinpoint Forecast Accuracy
It is now easier to set up your forecast location, at the exact position of your activity, using the help of the GPS in your device to ensure you are getting the best possible forecast.

Map Download Speed
The time to display maps is now lightning fast! Once the map is displayed, the entire week’s forecast is available, which facilitates a super smooth animation experience.

Auto Map Selection
When you zoom in and out, the map automatically changes to show the best available forecast map with the most accurate resolution – 1km/8km/50km/100km

Larger Map Coverage
Each forecast location now covers a larger area – now almost 1/2 of the earth’s surface!

Forecast Tables
Numerous enhancements including infinity scrolling of the table, barometric pressure, sun, moon, tides and more.

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