PredictWind forecasts for Jeb Corliss whilst jumping over Arajilla Retreat Lord Howe Island

January 13, 2014 comment-icon 1 Comment

Jeb Corliss, a professional skydive and base jumper, has had a busy year completing death defying jumps that would have scared the pants off even the hardiest of us. In 2011 he completed a jump and glide with a wing-suit titled, “Grinding the crack”. In which he flies close enough to the “crack” or his targeted fly zone on a cliff face in Walensee, Switzerland, to pick a daisy from the ground, but you wouldn’t even think of trying it travelling at 100+Mph! While in Australia at the Arajilla Retreat on Lord Howe Island, courtesy of Bill Shead, he was once again throwing and being thrown from the sky. One thing with flying towards the earth in a wing-suit whilst trying to ‘pick daisies’  is that you are at the mercy of the elements namely the wind! Bill Shead, who assisted Jeb with his and his teams jumps whilst at the Lord Howe Island, had great things to say about the forecast software provided by PredictWind. “The prediction was spot on and always is!” – Bill Shead.


When your life is being held in the balance and quite literally in the sky, a forecast you can rely on is something to appreciate.