PredictWind Weather Boat Launch

November 26, 2018 comment-icon 0 Comments

PredictWind have launched their Weather Boat. Custom Built by Bladerunner Boats in Auckland, the foil assisted catamaran will be a valuable asset to the weather company over the coming years.

The 9-metre catamaran will fill many roles for PredictWind revolving around a central goal of providing the best marine weather service in the world. In a company that is filled with sailors, the powerboat is an exciting addition.

Fitted with more than the normal quota of electronics the PredictWind Weather Boat is a real-world testbed for many of the new software integrations and solutions that are developed and tested. Onboard data can be sent and received via Satellite or the LTE mobile network making product testing at sea viable and true. There are several Multi-function displays on board all of which are running PredictWind beta software that has integrations with the world’s largest marine electronics providers.

Being a data-driven company PredictWind is able to send weather data from the boat back to their servers in real time, providing observation data that can be used in forecast validation. It will also provide a real-time observation point when the boat is attending sailing regattas held on the Hauraki Gulf, the observations can be seen in real time on the PredictWind apps.

With the America’s Cup coming to Auckland the PredictWind Team will be out on the water checking out these new flying machines. The 500hp catamaran is capable of 50 knots so hopefully, we can keep up!

Another use for the boat will be servicing weather observation points around the Auckland region, these new observation points will be of great use for all boaters including the America’s Cup teams, this new data will also be available on the PredictWind Apps.

The PredictWind Weather boat has a distinctive vinyl wrap with a weather theme if you see us out on the water come and say hello or give us a wave.