PredictWind Wins Awards

December 24, 2015 comment-icon 0 Comments

At PredictWind we work hard to deliver the very best weather product and are known for high quality forecasts/innovative tools to deliver the data. We are constantly improving the product with input from our customers and experts in the field.

The feedback from our customers on the product innovation has been encouraging. The recent release of the integrated Grib viewer in the Offshore App is undoubtedly one of the biggest innovations in the 7 year history of the company.offshore 123

In the forecasting market there are many competitors, but they are simply packaging the same information in different formats. PredictWind is the only private company in the world that runs its own global weather model, and also runs a high resolution forecast model for most popular areas around the world, making it a truly unique offering. This unique position along with innovative forecast tools has resulted in the product selling itself, with impressive sales growth each year.

We were very pleased to hear that PredictWind has recently been recognised with two awards -The Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award & the Island Cruising Association Innovation Award.


The Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award is decided by a team of judges who look at what is new and innovative in the always-changing field of marine technology. This award is run by Ocean Navigator Magazine and has a panel of 9 respected judges.

PredictWind has won the Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award ahead of many respected multinational companies in the marine market.

Please read more about the award at

The second award we were very proud to receive was from the Island Cruising Association. Their ‘Technology Award’ was given to PredictWind for their development of the Offshore App.

Here is what they had to say about the PredictWind Offshore App.

“PredictWind Offshore App was the recipient of the Technology Award in this year’s Island Cruising Association ‘Innovation Awards’. These awards focus on systems and products that are of importance to cruising sailors both coastal and offshore. The PredictWind Offshore App ticked every box to take out the award.”


We are very grateful to both Ocean Navigator Magazine and the Island Cruising Association for recognising PredictWind’s achievements.

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