Sailrocket Breaks Wind Powered Speed Sailing World Record

November 15, 2012 comment-icon 8 Comments


Just days after setting the peak speed record, the Sailrocket Team have taken the coveted outright speed sailing record measured over 500m.

10 years in the making, the Vestas Sailrocket 2 has cracked the 60 knot barrier. Launched in 2002 the team had a goal of building the fastest speed sailing vessel the planet had ever seen. Their dreams came true in Walvis Bay, Namibia where they have just smashed the previous peak speed record at 61.92 knots, 10% faster than the former record of 55.65 knots.

“Im pretty happy to be standing in front of the fastest boat in the world” exclaimed pilot and team leader Paul Larson after their record breaking run. They fell short of claiming the coveted 500m average speed record, but keep an eye on these guys as foil design developments have seen their speeds increasing this year.


The best natural speed sailing venue in the world.

To set their records the UK based Vestas team have made the trek down to the windy Walvis Bay in Namibia. Renowned as the best natural speed sailing venue in the world, as you can see below the consistent wind blows up the African coast and across a perfectly formed sandbar. It’s this unobstructed breeze that provides the perfect spot for setting records.

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