Save Your Memories With PredictWind

September 30, 2019 comment-icon 0 Comments

Our GPS tracking pages have been completely redesigned and have the following new features:

Now display the weather for your boat’s current position and time for friends & family.

Add notes to your Track, as a visual blog of what is happening onboard.

Add photos to posts along your route.

Follow other boats that have PredictWind GPS tracking within 60 miles of your location.

View a cruising rally in your area.

Boat tracks can be viewed on your public web page, the PredictWind website, the PredictWind App or in the Offshore App

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How To Setup GPS Tracking

  1. Purchase a PredictWind Standard/Professional Subscription
  2. Contact us to set up your tracking page
  3. Activate your tracking device & head offshore!

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Iridium GO! with PredictWind

Simply the most economical way to get weather information and communicate offshore, and also send your GPS tracking reports.

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The lowest cost global GPS tracking device

The YB3i is the ultimate GPS tracking device, and now affordable for every boat. Powered by Iridium technology for full GPS tracking coverage anywhere on the planet.

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