Simpler, Faster and More Reliable – PredictWind Offshore App

November 25, 2014 comment-icon 4 Comments

The PredictWind Offshore App is simply the best way to get GRIB files, Weather Routing, GMDSS text forecasts and Satellite Imagery while offshore. The app simplifies the process of downloading the data in a highly compressed format ideal for Satellite and SSB connections.

All forecast data is automatically selected by setting your route. Simply set the start, waypoints and destination for your passage, by dragging and dropping points on the map. Then the app will download the selected files ready for viewing.

Watch the video to find out more about this incredible forecasting tool:

Key Features/Benefits

  • Highly Compressed – Files are highly compressed in BZ2 format for efficient data usage.
  • Automatic Resume – The automatic download resume feature deals with any dropped satellite connections.
  • Email Requests – Email GRIB requests are automatically generated by the Offshore App.
  • Connection Compatible – The app works with your existing Satellite or SSB communications.
  • Iridium GO! – The app interfaces with the Iridium GO! for direct downloads, boat position, and Iridium Satellite connection time.
  • Forecast Confidence – Top 4 weather models – PWC/PWG & CMC/GFS – for a greater level of confidence.


PredictWind has combined the worlds leading forecasts and tools, in an App, that will make getting weather data via a Satellite or SSB communication incredibly easy.


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