Stunning New Forecast Maps

June 24, 2016 comment-icon 0 Comments

All New Forecast Maps

When developing the Offshore App, we had to rethink maps for offshore sailors. We rebuilt the mapping technology from the ground up to be faster, have smaller downloads and be able to smoothly animate PredictWind’s advanced forecasts.

Following the success of the Offshore App, we’re releasing this unique display  technology across all other platforms, including the forecast website, Android and iOS Apps.

Previous interactive maps have been replaced with the new mapping technology, as well as other maps that used to be static such as isobar, swell, cloud and rain maps.


Better Graphics

The new mapping technology does a great job of highlighting wind speed variations, and

smoothly animating between the time periods. This coupled with the new wind display

formats makes reading and interpreting the PredictWind forecast easier than ever.

Wind forecasts are now available in 3 different formats;


  • Arrows colour coded by wind speed
  • Wind barbs with wind speed gradients
  • Black arrows with wind speed gradients



Better Control

You can now fully zoom and pan all forecast maps – wind, swell, rain, cloud, isobar, air and sea temp maps to see your exact area of interest. Use pinch zoom on your trackpad, or your mouse wheel, or the + – buttons on your keyboard.

The new maps allow you to really see the power of high resolution forecasts like never before.

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