The BEST Offshore Satellite Solution

February 20, 2020 comment-icon 2 Comments

The Iridium GO! has proven itself to be the best solution for offshore satellite communications. The only satellite device with a cost effective unlimited data plan and wifi hotspot makes the GO perfect for weather downloads, emails, SMS and voice calls when you are out of reach.

Simple to Use

Easy setup and connection


Variety of communication options

Take it Anywhere

Small form factor & battery powered

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The best value airtime on the market

  • Unlimited data US$139.95/month
  • Unlimited SMS texts
  • 150 minutes free voice calling (outbound calling)
  • Free satellite email client for Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone & iPad
  • Comes with wifi hotspot/firewall built in

No other satellite solution offers this value.


Low entry cost!

At US$999 for the Marine Package, you have everything you need to go further than you ever have.


Get the best offshore satellite solution today!


Get the Weather Data you need

Paired with the PredictWind Offshore App the Iridium GO! gives you access to world leading weather data and weather routing wherever you are so you can keep informed to make the best decisions.


Tracking & Blogs

Your family, friends and followers can come along for the ride with your own PredictWind tracking page which automatically updates your position from the GO!, you can also add blog posts to your track while offshore adding to the sense of adventure for followers.


Keep in contact

With unlimited email and SMS along with 150 minutes of voice calling the Iridium GO! Unlimited plan allows you to keep in touch on a personal level without the huge cost of other services.


Buy from the #1 Marine Supplier of Iridium GO! in the world.


  • The best pricing on the web for the complete marine package including the antenna & 12m/39ft cable.
  • The best support in the industry – we support both the Iridium GO! & PredictWind forecast downloads.
  • Customized GPS tracking website with the PredictWind Standard or Professional Package.
  • The best quality antenna & cable on the market with the Genuine Iridium Antenna Kit. These components are critical for a good data connection.
  • [NEW] Ability to monitor data & voice usage – Now with a Usage Monitor in the PredictWind Offshore App, so you can see your data or voice call usage anywhere anytime.
  • No SIM Card activation fees.
  • Pro-rated Billing – if SIM Card is activated part way through the month.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade plans during the month no need to wait until the end of the month.


Get the best offshore satellite solution today!


Get 2x FREE Iridium GO! SIM Cards when switching from another provider!