The Ultimate GPS Tracking Device

February 2, 2020 comment-icon 0 Comments

The YB3i is the ultimate GPS tracking device, and is now affordable for every boat. Powered by Iridium technology you will always have full GPS tracking coverage anywhere on the planet.

Here are 6 reasons to buy a PredictWind YB3i for GPS tracking:

 1. Safety
GPS tracking is a well proven safety feature for all boats with hourly updates, allowing family and friends to check your position and know you are safely on course.

 2. Accuracy
The GPS data is accurate as the unit is above decks and utilizes a high quality GPS receiver.

 3. Reliability
Submersible to 3m with an IP68 rating , we have partnered with the world’s leading GPS tracking supplier for the most reliable unit in the marine market.

 4. Lowest cost Global GPS tracking
At US$19.95/month PredictWind offers the lowest cost global GPS tracking on the market.

5. Year round monitoring
Know your boats position even if you turn off your main satellite communications. This is a cost effective option you can have on permanently to know where your boat is 24/7 along with a traceable history of the tracks.

 6. Ultra low power
Power usage is so minimal that you will not notice the average power usage of 350 milliamps. The internal battery will run without external power for 1 month in case of a power outage.The unit comes with a 3m/10ft power cable.
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GPS Tracking Page

The YB3i lets you view and share your tracking with friends and family with a custom GPS tracking page, plotting your position anywhere in the world.

A Standard or Professional forecast subscription is required for a personalized tracking page.

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