Vestas Sailrocket Smashes Outright World Speed Sailing Record [video]

November 21, 2012 comment-icon 7 Comments

A few days ago we posted a story on the Vestas Sailrocket breaking the peak speed sailing record, with a note to keep an eye on them to break the official 500m average speed record, and they’ve done it!

The official speed sailing record is based on your average time over 500m, and finally the team have smashed the record they have been aiming at for 10 years. Team Sailrocket have locked in a speed of 59.38 knots (109.97 km/h or 68.33 miles/h) shattering the previous record of 55.65 knots set by American kitesurfer, Robert Douglas in 2010.

See the speed sailing record history here

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