Website Full Redesign

December 12, 2013 comment-icon 4 Comments

Website Redesigned

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We’ve taken the PredictWind forecast site and given it a completely new look. The whole site is more intuitive and easier to use. Not only that, but we have improved many of the features and added more functionality. There has been some great interface improvements which make the website easier to use getting you and the wind in the same spot sooner and with less hassle. Below we have outlined a few of the great new design features.

Total Redesign


The menus are simplified, and now on the left hand side. The site reopens the last page you visited when you return.

Side by Side Maps


The PWC and PWG forecast maps are now right next to each other for easy comparison and greater forecast confidence.

Extended Forecasts


High resolution forecasts have been extended to 7 days and global forecasts have been extended to 12 days.

Improved Routing


Better land avoidance, auto resolution selection, tacking/gybing angles observed, and improved motoring for cruising yachts.

But thats not all!

We’ve added heaps of other useful features to make your wind forecast experience faster and more effective such as…

  • Tables and graphs now show a Max Gust forecast on-top of the usual data.
  • Daylight Savings Time has been taken into account for timezones that are affected.
  • Page Auto Save stores the last page you visited and automatically starts you back there when you return.
  • More Wind Direction Options have been added so now wind direction can be displayed as an arrow, number or cardinal (N,SW,…).
  • The maximum number of Forecast Locations has been upgraded to 9 and unlimited changes are allowed.
  • The Map Resolution has been upgraded to see the most detail available.
  • Routing Accuracy for costal land avoidance has been improved from 1km down to 10m.
  • Model resolution now auto selects between 1 and 100km for maximum accuracy.
  • Tidal Current Forecasts are now available for a wider range of areas.
  • The Trip Planner now includes swell forecasts for the different departure dates.
  • A Routing Under Motor Option has been added for planning routes under a defined wind speed limit.
  • The Website Speed has been significantly increased by developing optimised code.