Which Forecast Model 
Is More Accurate?

November 9, 2021 comment-icon 2 Comments

One of the most popular questions for PredictWind is “Which Forecast Model should I use”? Often the best method is to use a consensus of the models, and when the models are similar, you can have greater confidence in the forecast. However, some forecast models do perform better than others in certain locations around the world.

To help you make the best forecasting decisions, we have developed a real-time validation system to show you the accuracy of all the available models in PredictWind over the last week and month.

The validation tool directly compares the forecast and weather station observations to show the errors in both wind speed and direction.

Accuracy Graphs

Easily compare all the weather models on one graph.

Accuracy Tables

Get detailed data on how each model stacks up.

Accuracy Ranking

Find out which forecast models work best for your location.

Observations and Wind Maps are now combined

When you need to make a decision on the day, it is important to compare the forecasts and observations generated from weather stations. The observations page now allows you to view the forecast maps and the observations together, enabling a direct comparison to check the accuracy of the forecast.

Get started with the new Observations and Validation Tools now.