Why Iridium GO! is still the easiest & best satellite device for Offshore sailors

September 7, 2018 comment-icon 20 Comments

1) The Best Value on market

  • Unlimited data US$139.95/Month
  • Unlimited SMS texts
  • 150 minutes free voice calling (outbound calling)
  • Free Satellite Email client for iOS/Android
  • Comes with Wifi hotspot/firewall built in

2) New Satellite Network

Iridium has made a 3 billion dollar investment in 66 new satellites in one of the largest technology upgrades ever completed in space. The new Iridium network is almost complete, and we understand will be fully operational by November 2018.

  • With the new satellite network you can expect a reliable connection with no dropouts, for better consistency in your Offshore App downloads.
  • With the latest firmware, and the new Satellites you can expect a 50% data speed increase on the new Satellites from 12 KBytes/min to 18 KBytes/min. Faster weather downloads!
  • Better voice quality on the new Satellites

3) Rugged and reliable

The Iridium GO is ruggedly engineered with an IP65 waterproof and dust rating. This is the same rating as the Iridium 9575 Extreme phone. By using your mobile phone to make the call, SMS or email the Iridium Go can remain in a fixed location on your boat, to be secure and safe.

4) Emergency Situation.  

With a built in battery the unit can be quickly unplugged in an emergency to throw in your grab bag. With the free GEOS service provided with every Iridium GO!, rescue services can be coordinated when you press the emergency button on the unit.

5) Full global coverage

Iridium is the only Satellite network in the world with complete global coverage, so you are fully covered where ever you decide to go – there are no limits in coverage!

Check you are on the latest firmware to get the benefits of the NEXT Satellites.


Buy Now from US$699 or US$999 with Iridium Fixed Installation Kit.