Why upgrade your Satellite Phone to an Iridium GO!

September 7, 2018 comment-icon 16 Comments

We recommend selling your existing Iridium Phone, and upgrading to the Iridium GO!  The upgrade cost is minimal and the benefits listed below make the investment worthwhile.


1) Only the Iridium GO! has an Unlimited Data plan at US$139.95/month, which is incredible value. This will save you a small fortune in data communication costs. It is very easy to get bills over $500 on an Iridium phone due to the slow data rate.

2)  Free Personalised GPS tracking page with a PredictWind Standard Subscription, and a PredictWind Iridium GO Sim Card.

2) Only the Iridium GO! includes 150 minutes of free Voice Calls on the Unlimited Plan (US$139.95/month),

3) Prorated first month and the ability to switch between Iridium Go! airtime plans from month to month. Please see the different plans at http://www.predictwind.com/iridium-go/

4) The Iridium GO! has a built in Wifi hotspot to make interfacing with laptops/tablets/smartphones a very easy and reliable process. There are no drivers to install being a wireless connection.

5) The PredictWind Offshore App has seamless integration with the Iridium GO! so getting GRIB files, weather routes, GMDSS text forecasts and Satellite imagery is incredibly easy.

6) The Iridium GO! uses a smartphone as the handset for the Iridium call, and the superior speaker/microphone technology results in a better quality call.

7) Iridium supplies an Iridium Mail & Web App for the Iridium GO! This free software provides you with an Iridium email address, and email compression software with no monthly fees.

8) The Iridium GO! has an SOS feature and has contracted with GEOS Travel Safety Group to provide an emergency response coordination service for your Iridium GO! at no additional charge.


Buy Now from US$699 or US$999 with Iridium Fixed Installation Kit.