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March 25, 2021 comment-icon 0 Comments

We have been working hard on improving the Offshore App with new features, along with the best forecast data available, making the App vital for safe offshore passages.

Any time you are coastal sailing or crossing the ocean, you will find the PredictWind Offshore App has all the weather tools and connection capabilities needed to keep you safe.


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Forecast Global Models

The SPIRE & UKMO global models have been added to the Offshore App. SPIRE rates as the #1 forecast model for offshore use, showing better accuracy for both wind speed and direction. Now with six Global models you can have even greater confidence when heading offshore.

GRIB Interface

The new GRIB interface allows you to download any combination of GRIB files, at any resolution. One simple GRIB page that combines Global GRIB files, and High Resolution GRIB files.

Spot Forecast

Anchored in a remote location? Use the spot forecast to deliver you a 10-day forecast for Wind Speed & Direction, Gust, Rain, Cape, Cloud, Temperature & Wave.


Download land, ship, and buoy data for any location, from anywhere.

YB Tracking

YB Tracking now provides the ability to view where other competitors or rally participants are while at sea, giving you a tactical edge for racing and added security in rallies.

Multilingual Help

The Offshore App contains a full help manual for offline use in English, French and Spanish.

Check your Iridium GO! data usage in the Offshore App

If you have a PredictWind SIM card you can see your updated data usage on a daily basis.

Weather Routing

PredictWind pioneered weather routing for cruising boats making it simple and accessible for everyone. The all new algorithm is now available on the Offshore App allowing you to route with your own boat characteristics and your way of sailing. The Weather Routing feature not only provides all the forecast data for your offshore passage, but conveniently delivers it within a manageable file size. The route is calculated on the PredictWind servers using the highest resolution data available for all forecasts. The route return file is a fraction of the size of a GRIB file with easy transfer over low bandwidth connections.

GPS Tracking

Trusted by the leading cruising rallies around the world, GPS tracking is an essential service for cruising boats. See where your friends or other rally participants are while on passage. The Offshore App displays on the map the location of you and others, all via satellite or SSB in a very small file size. GPS tracking updates can be done automatically with the Iridium GO!, YB3i, Inreach or manually updated using the Offshore App.

GPS Tracking Blog Posts

Use the Offshore App’s blogging feature to record the highlights of your trip.


The Offshore App offers world class graphics to help visualize weather activity, with smooth animations to track the movement of weather systems.

Direct Weather Downloads

Available for most connection types including Iridium GO!, Optimizer and high speed satellite connections. Mid-file restart for dropped connections is another key advantage.

Ocean Data

View Ocean Currents and SST GRIB files.

Email Requests

Request weather for other satellite connections and SSB via email.

Departure Planning

Select the best time to leave on your next leg.

Satellite Imagery

Get the latest satellite imagery in black/ white or color, available for the entire globe.

GMDSS Forecasts

Receive direct and up-to-date regional forecasts and warnings.

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