• Don’t miss out on a great day of Kayaking due to a poor marine weather forecast
  • Compare marine forecasts from your top 6 Kayaking locations to pick the best.
  • Get a Forecast Alert via email to let you know in advance, which of you 6 locations are performing this week. Don’t miss out, even if you are working hard, and do not have time to check the latest forecast!
  • Travel Worldwide, and still have access to the most accurate PredictWind wind weather forecasts
  • You can also access this information in text format on your mobile phone at no extra charge.
  • Get the real time wind observations for your local area. Let us know the any local wind observations that are not covered, so that we can add to PredictWind.

The PredictWind Basic Package is all you need for all kayaking weather forecasts. Showing an incredible 20,000 locations worldwide with accurate wind and wave forecasts – great value for money.