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Volvo Ocean Race & Americas Cup proven, highest resolution on the web.

Forecast Models:


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Outstanding Forecast Accuracy

PredictWind is the only company in the world that runs their own global weather model at 50km resolution with 2 sources. In addition 1km / 8km resolution forecasts are generated for popular regions around the world.

These forecasts (PWG & PWE) can only be found at PredictWind.

PredictWind Forecast Model
High Resolution Calculations
Incredibly Accurate Forecasts

In addition to PredictWind’s proprietary models you can also access models widely used by top meteorologists and navigators


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PredictWind Features

Forecast Alerts
Be alerted of specific weather conditions.
Forecast Maps
Incredibly detailed forecast maps.
Up to the minute observations from thousands of stations.
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PredictWind Apps

All PredictWind world leading forecasts and tools are available on mobile apps in addition to the forecast website.

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Tools for Sailing Offshore

Heading on an Offshore Passage? We’ve got you covered with our accurate forecasting tools.

Iridium GO! with PredictWind

Stay connected anywhere in the world with Iridium GO!™. Compact, rugged and reliable global connection with your own smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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Available with an Unlimited Data plan for only US$125/month

PredictWind Offshore App

The updated Offshore App from PredictWind is the ultimate tool for getting and viewing forecast information offshore.

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Available on Windows, Mac and iPad/iPhone

Weather Routing

PredictWind has developed an algorithm based routing tool that uses the most accurate forecasts to give you ideal sailing routes and forecasts for your journey.

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Departure Planning

Figure out the best day to depart based on the upcoming high resolution PredictWind forecasts.

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PredictWind for Your Activity

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