Iridium GO!

Simply the most economical way to get weather information and communicate offshore

All units shipped from our USA supplier. Overnight delivery within the USA. 5 working day delivery outside of the USA. Additional import duties/taxes may apply.


Stay Connected Anywhere in the World

Iridium GO!™ is unlike anything the world has seen before. Powered by the world's furthest reaching network, this compact, rugged and portable unit creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on up to five different devices (smartphones, laptops or tablets).

Simple to Use

Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation to create an anywhere Wi-Fi hotspot.


Supports a full range of global communications, including voice calls, email access, applications, social networking, photo sharing, SMS two-way, GPS tracking, SOS alert.

Take it Anywhere

Small enough to fit in your pocket and tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust and rough use. It can easily be carried or stowed in your backpack or mounted in vehicles, aircraft and boats.

Stay Connected with the Iridium GO!

All units shipped from our USA supplier. Overnight delivery within the USA. 5 working day delivery outside of the USA. Additional import duties/taxes may apply.

Unlimited Data - US$139.95/month

Iridium GO! is the only Iridium product that has an unlimited data plan for US$139.95/month - unbeatable value! No need to worry about large invoices at the end of the month, so that you can quickly capitalise on your investment with this new technology. Also save with the Iridium Mail App which is free, as opposed to other mail compression Apps that demand a monthly fee. With integrated Wi-Fi the unit does not require the complexity and cost of a separate Wi-Fi router.

PredictWind Offshore App

With Built In GRIB Viewer

The Iridium GO! is fully integrated with the PredictWind Offshore App. Getting GRIB files, Weather Routing, GMDSS text forecasts and satellite imagery offshore has never been easier.

Learn more about the Offshore App

PredictWind GPS Tracking

If you purchase the Iridium GO! (or sim card) from PredictWind, and the PredictWind Standard Forecast Package, a GPS tracking web page will be setup specifically for your boat. This can be inserted into your own website/blog. With automatic hourly updates, friends & family can monitor your progress. If your boat stops or alters course friends can see that you may need assistance.


Marine Package


20% Discount! Save US$288!

Iridium GO!
Passive Antenna & Deck Mount
Wall Mount
External Antenna Adapter
30ft LMR400 cable (longer cables available)


Stay Connected with the Iridium GO!

All units shipped from our USA supplier. Overnight delivery within the USA. 5 working day delivery outside of the USA. Additional import duties/taxes may apply.

Included in the box with the Iridium GO!
Protective cover
USB cable
Internal battery
International AC plug kit with 4 adapters
12VDC adapter



Why buy Iridium GO! from PredictWind?

  • Best pricing on the web for the complete marine package including the antenna & cable.
  • The best support in the industry – we support both the Iridium GO! & PredictWind forecast downloads.
  • Customized GPS tracking website with the PredictWind Standard Package.
  • The best quality antenna & cable on the market with the Genuine Iridium Antenna Kit. These components are critical for a good data connection.
  • Competitive data plans – we recommend the Unlimited Plan which has 150 free minutes of outgoing calls to landlines or cell phones per month, plus unlimited SMS and data.
  • Full billing control – alerts & optional limits for low cost plans.
  • Ability to monitor data & voice usage.
  • No SIM Card activation fees.
  • Pro-rated Billing – if SIM Card is activated part way through the month.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade plans during the month no need to wait until the end of the month

What Monthly plans do you offer?

As standard we offer the GO Plus and the GO Unlimited plans. Please see plan comparison table above. These plans have been selected as the best value for money. They have unlimited SMS messaging which is necessary for GPS tracking.

What is the contract length with the Iridium GO! data plans?

There is no long term contract, with all plans being monthly. Each month auto renews unless you cancel via email. The first month is Pro-rated. Billing cycle is 1st of each month.

Is there a re-connection fee with the Iridium GO! plans?

Yes, you can disconnect the service at any time. The billing cycle is from the 1st of the month. There is a US$250 re-connection fee for a used sim card. However the most popular option is to request a new Iridium SIM card which costs US$10. For this reason we recommend purchasing an additional SIM card when purchasing the equipment. You can also change Iridium GO! plans month to month, and step down to the GO Basic Plan at US$59.95/month when only needing the service as a backup or to hold your account open.

What is the best plan for making voice calls?

We recommend the GO Unlimited plan which includes 150 minutes of Voice Calls for free. After this allowance voice calls are US$1.09 to a Land Line and Cellular Phones.

Can the Iridium GO! be used away from the boat?

Yes, the main unit can be disconnected in seconds and put in a “grab bag” for emergency situations. The internal battery will give you 7 hours of talk time & 16 hours standby. The unit is also ideal for taking to remote places inland, and with the SOS Alert button, help is not far away!

Does the Marine Package include my weather services from PredictWind?

No, the weather services are separate to your satellite airtime connection. You will need the Standard or Professional PredictWind subscription, to get weather data via your Iridium Go satellite connection.

Why upgrade your existing Satellite Phone?

Minimal hardware cost to sell old Sat phone and upgrade to Iridium GO! Take advantage of the massive savings with the UNLIMITED data plans – ONLY available with Iridium GO! Please see comparison table below.

Do you offer a Pre-Pay monthly plan with the Iridium GO! package?

This is possible, but we do not offer Pre-Pay as a standard option. The monthly plans are far better value. Please contact us at support@predictwind.com for a comparison.

Can I install the Iridium GO! myself?

Most definitely! This is one of the advantages of Iridium GO! over a Satellite Phone solution.

Is the external antenna necessary?

All boat installations require an external antenna, as any degradation of the signal results in dramatically lower data speeds.

What is the external antenna size, and how does it mount?

The external antenna mounts directly on poles and brackets with 1”-14NF threaded studs. A stainless steel deck mount is provided. The unit has a diameter 95 mm & height 188 mm & weighs 0.30 kg.

Can I use any App/Software with the Iridium GO?

Only Iridium GO! certified Apps can be used with Iridium GO! This includes the Iridium mail & web App, and the PredictWind Offshore App (Windows/Mac/iPad/iPhone).

What is the Data Speed?

The data speed is 2.4 Kbits/s. This is the same data speed as all other Iridium & Inmarsat Satellite phone services. At this data speed, the Iridium GO! is best suited for email and downloading weather data with the PredictWind Offshore App. The data speed is too slow for general web browsing.

How long does the Iridium GO! take to setup?

The physical installation is straightforward, however setting up the Iridium GO App, Iridium Mail & Web App and Offshore App does take some time. Conservatively you should allow 1-3 days depending on your technical ability. In addition it is a good idea to have the unit setup 1 month prior to departure so you can become familiar with the features of the Apps. Once setup, the features are easy to use. To setup the Iridium GO you will need access to a high speed internet connection to download the Apps and watch the video tutorials.

Stay Connected with the Iridium GO!

All units shipped from our USA supplier. Overnight delivery within the USA. 5 working day delivery outside of the USA. Additional import duties/taxes may apply.


(Scroll horizontal or drag to view full table)
Iridium GO! Iridium 9575 IsatPhone 2 SSB / Pactor 4
Cost US$799 US$1,295 US$980 US$1,900
Full Cost - including external aerial, cabling etc. US$1,150 US$2,385 US1,900 US$5,000
Installation Cost $0 $500 $500 $1,000
Size 114 x 82 x 32mm 140 x 60 x 27mm 169 x 75 x 29mm 125 x 43 x 138mm
Weight 295g 247g 316g 450g
Water Protection IP65 IP65 IP65 None
Battery Life 7hrs talk/16hrs standby 4hrs talk/30hrs standby 8hrs talk/160hrs standby Not available - fixed installation
Power Usage (amps) 0.1 Amps 0.1 Amps 0.1 Amps 20 Amps for full data speed due to SSB power usage
Installation Simple and very quick setup Complex Complex Very complex
Reliability Excellent Excellent Excellent Subject to installation setup, HF propagation issues
Ease of Use Can connect laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Simple interface with App, unlimited data plan! Need to manage connection time, Complex compression software Need to manage connection time, Complex compression software Complex setup and software. Connection not guaranteed due to HF propagation and network with limited bandwidth
Antenna Design Flip-up antenna - external marine aerial recommended Retractable omni-directional - external marine aerial recommended Fold-out directional - external marine aerial recommended Backstay antenna - installation critical for reliable usage
Network and Coverage Full global coverage Full global coverage Almost full global coverage Limited range and subject to HF propagation issues
SOS Emergency Button Yes Yes Yes No
SMS Yes Yes Yes No
GPS Tracking Yes Yes Yes No
Security Alarm Yes No No No

Comparison of Monthly Plans

(Scroll horizontal or drag to view full table)
Monthly Cost Contract Term Connection Fee Included Voice/Data Minutes* Data cost after allowance per min SMS
Iridium GO!
Basic US$59.95 1 Month US$50 5 US$0.89 US$0.25
Plus US$104.95 1 Month US$50 150 US$0.29 Free
Unlimited US$139.95 1 Month US$50 150 Voice / Unlimited Data n/a Free
Unlimited Plus US$209.95 1 Month US$50 250 Voice / Unlimited Data n/a Free
Iridium 9575
Monthly 100 US$135 12 months US$50 100 US$1.09 US$0.60
IsatPhone 2
Monthly 100 US$100 12 Months US$100 100 US$0.85 US$0.43

Apps for Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! App

Android/iPad/iPhone – Free!
Iridium Phone calls / SMS messages / SOS
Get the Iridium GO! App

Iridium GO! Mail & Web App

Android/iPad/iPhone – Free!
Email , Twitter updates
Get the Mail & Web App

Offshore App

Weather data including GRIB files, Weather Routing, Departure Planning, GMDSS text forecasts and Satellite Imagery
Requires PredictWind Standard or Professional Package
Get the Offshore App

Iridium GO! Setup

Iridium GO! Features

Global Coverage

Works with all iOS and Android devices. PredictWind Offshore App requires Windows or Mac laptop, or iPad/iPhone.

Use your smartphone naturally without having to simultaneously hold and orientate satellite component

Designed for a multi-user environment

Designed for inclement weather use (IP65-rated)

Integrated GPS location services

Email/web optimization app included

Firewall/controls to avoid runaway data charges

Compatible with external antenna accessories

Accessories to install inside vehicles or buildings

SOS button with global response service included

Iridium GO! Technical Specifications

Easy to Use:
Stable, lay-flat design
Flip up antenna
Built-in menu/status display

4.5″ x 3.25″ x 1.25″
Weight: 295g

Military-grade ruggedness
(MIL-STD 810F)
Ingress Protection (IP65)

Wi-Fi device ready

External Antenna:
Antenna Gain: type 2 dBic Polarisation RHCP
Axial ratio: less than 6dB
Frequency Range: 1616.0 – 1626.5 MHz
Operational Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Tested according to IEC-60945
Size: Diameter 95 mm Height 188 mm
Weight: 0.30 kg
Color: White
Ingress Protection: IP-66

Antenna Cable:
LMR400 cable complies with Iridium Specifications to have less than 3dB of loss, including connectors.
Diameter: 10mm
Color: Black

Stay Connected with the Iridium GO!

All units shipped from our USA supplier. Overnight delivery within the USA. 5 working day delivery outside of the USA. Additional import duties/taxes may apply.