This smart device is the hub for all your GPS tracking, data, SMS, Email and Whats App connectivity. Packed with features you will quickly find the Datahub is an is an essential safety device for your boat!

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Track, blog, save & broadcast all your onboard data sources

Key Features

GPS Tracking

PredictMail Service

Boat Polars

Transmit Wind Data


Log Data

Remote Support

Insurance Claims

Broadcast AIS Data

Broadcast GPS Data

Broadcast Internet




Discounted from $399 for a limited time. Track, blog, connect and save all your onboard data sources

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NMEA 2000 M12 Cable Pack


Highly Recommended - Allows DataHub to record all data on your boat’s NMEA network.
1 x 2m NMEA 2000 M12 Cable
1 x NMEA 2000 M12 T-Connector

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GPS Tracking

This device is ideally suited for GPS tracking and comes with an internal GPS. To transmit the data back to PredictWind simply connect to any mobile data or satellite service, i.e. a mobile hotspot on your phone , GO! exec or Starlink connection.

GPS tracking is a key safety feature, where friends and family can see your boat’s position, and the speed along your route. For it to be safe, it is paramount the solution is reliable, and so a dedicated GPS tracking device is essential.

Tell your Story
In addition to showing your position to friends and family, you can also post blog posts that correlate with your GPS position. Share the adventure as it happens!

No Communication Costs*
The DataHub connects to your existing mobile or satellite communication device, so no additional monthly subscriptions are required. *Additional charges may apply due to increased data usage.

Accurate GPS
With the DataHub you can use the high quality built in GPS with stub antenna, or alternatively connect to the boat NMEA 2000 (N2K) GPS. With your boat’s external GPS antenna above deck you can be guaranteed of accurate GPS position data.

Store & Forward GPS data
If no Internet connection is available the Datahub will simply store the GPS data on the device, and then automatically send the data to the PredictWind servers when the unit gets a mobile Internet connection.

Connect with other boats
Using the PredictWind Local Knowledge feature you can find and connect with any boat that uses the PredictWind GPS Tracking service or a vessel transmitting AIS data. PredictWind has the largest network of boats using GPS Tracking/AIS in the world.

Learn More about the PredictWind GPS Tracking service.

Effective Firewall

The PredictWind unique firewall blocks all unwanted traffic to eliminate runaway satellite airtime bills. The Datahub replaces the need for any other firewall device.

PredictMail Service

Offshore email just got easier with our new PredictMail service. In a world first, you can now add a PredictMail account to your existing mail app and get optimised email while offshore.

PredictMail and the Datahub will take care of the compression and filtering when you’re connected to your boat’s satellite connection. It allows you to go from a mobile data connection in town to an offshore connection with your phone, tablet or laptop using any mail app, and your email will automatically be compressed into a satellite-friendly format to minimise your data usage.

Why is email at sea an essential safety service?

  • Support from PredictWind or other essential suppliers is best done via email.
  • To contact customs for clearance issues, marinas for bookings, or other essential services that require an email address that you can check whilst at sea.
  • The PredictWind Data Manager automatically sends alerts to your PredictMail email address. If you don’t have a PredictMail address you will miss these alerts and run the risk of bill shock.
  • If you have an issue with your credit card, and the Iridium monthly billing fails, our support team can quickly contact you to get the issue resolved and keep your account active.

Backup Communications

We are big fans of the Starlink service for high speed internet access. However this service does not provide 100% uptime, and suffers outages in congested areas, or with possible obstructions such as masts or hills. We recommend having a 4G/5G modem backup to eliminate any outages. The Datahub can automatically provide the failover service for Starlink with a 4G/5G backup modem to eliminate any potential starlink internet outages.

Boat Polars

The DataHub samples your boats NMEA 2000 instrumentation data in real time while the boat is sailing. Then the data is transferred to PredictWind servers for automated analysis to create your own custom boat polar. Getting an accurate polar (performance of the boat) is critical for meaningful results in the PredictWind advanced Weather Routing and Departure Planning features.

Data Saving

Satellite solutions usually charge per MB, using firewalls to control data usage. The DataHub can optimize data connections by combining multiple data services in one operation. For example, with GPS tracking enabled, the unit will not only send a GPS tracking report, but can also check for mail on the PredictMail service. The GO! exec™️ has a minimum billing increment of 5Kb, however many actions use considerably less than this. By combining these two actions on each connection, you’ll save considerable data compared to bringing up a connection for each individual service, and enjoy the convenience of having these checks happen automatically!

Weather Station

Automatically turn your vessel into a weather station sharing your true wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, and other information on the Internet.  Valuable weather information whether near or offshore can be shared with others easily with DataHub.

Broadcast GPS Data

Broadcast GPS data via WiFi to all your tablets/laptops, so other navigational apps can benefit from this highly accurate GPS position data. Do not be caught out when navigating narrow passages, as the GPS in your tablet will never be as accurate as the Datahub GPS, or alternatively the DataHub interface to the Boat’s external GPS antenna. This eliminates the need for products like the Garmin GLO that require charging, and are not designed to be mounted externally.

Broadcast Internet

Broadcast your Internet connection to all of the devices onboard. This can be useful in the case where a mobile provider only allows for one hotspot connection. The DataHub can circumvent this limitation. The Datahub can get an Internet connection via an ethernet cable, WiFi hotspot, or simply use a USB cable to connect to an iOS or Android device.

Logging Data

The DataHub can store GPS tracks and instrumentation data for downloading, viewing, and analysis. This data can also help with insurance claims in the unfortunate case that your boat is lost or damaged in rough seas/weather.

Remote Support

The PredictWind DataHub’s remote access feature allows support personnel to log in remotely to the unit to diagnose and solve issues on the vessel. This can save valuable time since vessel technicians can access both the vessel's NMEA 2000 and TCP/IP networks.

Broadcast AIS Data

The DataHub collects AIS data from all surrounding vessels and transmits this back to the PredictWind servers to improve the quality and safety of AIS data worldwide. The DataHub also transmits your AIS data feed to any compatible devices on board including the GO! exec..

Start transmitting AIS data from your vessel with the PredictWind Datahub now to get 10% off your next PredictWind subscription.

View all DataHub AIS vessels worldwide

Iridium GO! exec™


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Iridium GO! exec™

Tight integration with the GO! exec means seamless use of applications such as Whatsapp, PredictMail, Offshore App for Weather, PredictWind's Anchor Alert App and more. The Datahub optimizes the data usage by merging multiple data connections into one operation, to save on your data usage and help eliminate any overages.

Insurance Claims

Historical AIS and GPS data can be useful in the event of collisions, to determine who is at fault, for insurance claims. If your boat does not have an internet connection whilst at sea, AIS and GPS data will be stored on your Datahub and transmitted once you have an internet connection again.

“The DataHub was able to broadcast our highly accurate Raymarine GPS over WiFi to all our devices on the boat.”

Herman Diebler
MV Kiwi

“WiFi calling, Zoom, Skype, Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Amazon Streaming Music... it's all available easily now on Bliss thanks to DataHub.”

Luis and Kim Soltero
MV Bliss

“It has been really advantageous to have the PredictWind DataHub onboard.”

Bill & Michele Greene
SV Freedom

DataHub Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an Iridium GO! exec or other satellite device if you have the DataHub?
The DataHub is not a Satellite Communication device. You will still need the Iridium GO! exec or some other satellite communication device when you are offshore, so you can download weather data and send/receive SMS and emails.

How do I use the DataHub for GPS tracking?
The DataHub has a built-in GPS antenna which enables you to have GPS tracking when sailing coastal. It uses your cellular data to send the position reports as it collects them. When you are out of cellular coverage, it can save your GPS position reports and upload them to your PredictWind tracking page when you are back in range. Or keep the reports going with an Iridium GO! exec.

Does the DataHub require an ongoing subscription fee for any aspect of its functionality?
There is a one-off cost to buying the DataHub hardware. You also require the standard or professional level of PredictWind forecasting subscription to utilise the tracking and polar generation (coming soon) features. Click here to see PredictWind forecasting subscription prices.

Where can I find the DataHub manual?
You can download the DataHub manual here.

Do I need the NMEA 2000 M12 Cable Pack?
If you have a network on your boat, the cable pack allows the DataHub to connect to your boat's existing NMEA 2000 (N2K) network. Then the DataHub can utilise the external GPS and other devices on the N2K network for the best accuracy, and in addition get all the other instrument data on the network such as Wind Speed and Direction. Insert the T-Connector into your N2K network, then connect the 2m cable to the DataHub, and you're away!

Should I use the DataHub with Starlink?
The DataHub works seamlessly with your Starlink device. PredictWind GPS tracking is automatically updated by the DataHub using your Starlink connection. AIS targets can be collected and distributed adding to the AIS network. The DataHub will prioritise your internet connection if one drops out, automatically swapping between LTE/mobile, Starlink, Certus or other connections you have on board.

Technical Specifications

Powered By
9-60V DC with reverse polarity protection

IP Rating
IP01: Conformal coating to protect against corrosion

Internal GPS with external stub GPS antennae or connect to vessel's GPS with Datahub NMEA 2000 interface (recommended). Configured for PredictWind GPS Tracking

4GB internal storage and logging data
CPU 550 MHz MIPS processor
256MB ram / 32MB flash

Input / Output
1 x USB Port: To tether to iOS/Android phone
1 x Ethernet WAN Port
1 x Ethernet LAN Port
1 x WiFi Radio: To connect to communication device
1 x WiFi Radio: To broadcast WiFi to all your devices
1 x NMEA 2000 Interface: To connect to vessel's instrumentation

Web Interface for configuration & firmware updates

Status LEDs
GPS status, Internet connectivity, tracking spool state & power status

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NOTE: If the delivery address is outside of the USA, Germany, Australia or New Zealand, then additional import duties and sales tax will be charged before delivery. These charges are payable to the country's customs authorities and not associated with PredictWind.