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Marine forecasts and tools for inshore and coastal applications.

Forecasts on a laptop
Forecast alerts on a laptop
Departure planning on a laptop
Local Knowledge on a latop
Forecasts on a laptop
Forecast table on a laptop
Weather observations on a laptop
Weather routing tools on a laptop
Weather daily briefing on a laptop
PredictWind Mobile App
  • Designed for wifi or mobile data
  • High resolution forecasts
  • Powerful marine tools
  • Access on any device
  • Forecast maps, tables and graphs

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Offshore app

The PredictWind App and Website are designed for use on cellular and wifi networks. View high resolution forecasts on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Available on iOS and Android.

Save locations

Each day is divided into four periods - early morning, morning, afternoon and evening.

View data your way

Choose to view the forecasts as Maps, Graphs or Tables. Compare all three or stick with your favourite.

Increased accuracy

High resolution forecasts down to an incredible 1km resolution, give you greater detail and accuracy.

Forecast confidence

Compare all of our weather models: ECMWF, SPIRE, UKMO, GFS, PWG, PWE plus more regional models.

All the tools you need

Powerful marine tools make your time on the water safer, easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Outstanding customer support

Our support team of experienced sailors and marine experts get you the help you need, fast.


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