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About Us.

PredictWind is a totally unique weather forecasting product. Developed by professionals to bring the highest quality tools and forecasts to sailors all around the world. Now local sailors around the world can have the same information as winning Americas Cup teams.

About Us.

Our Background

Director Jon Bilger began PredictWind after his tenure at Alinghi forecasting for the Americas Cup. “We had access to some of the best weather modelling technology available, and as a sailor, I thought that it would be great if the same technology would be available to the public for marine forecasting.”

PredictWind obtained the exclusive license for the technology from the people responsible for Alinghi’s weather modelling and with the development team, obtained the topographical information to allow specific local forecasting at 20,000 sites around the world. Now local sailors around the World can have the same information that the Alinghi team had during the Americas Cup.

The technology is culmination of 30 years of experience by a team of research scientists. It is cutting edge technology that has not previously been available to the public prior to the release of PredictWind.

Since the release of PredictWind the response has been fantastic with positive feedback from sailors and boat owners around the world who are now relying on PredictWind as their primary weather forecast.

We are constantly working to improve forecasts, develop new tools and make the PredictWind experience easier and more convenient.

Jon Bilger Director

Jon Bilger Director

Jon Bilger is the founding director of PredictWind, and also a keen competitive yachtsman with the following achievements:

  • Alinghi Weather Team Manager – Winner of the America’s Cups in 2003/2007
  • Alinghi Weather Team Manager 2010 Dog Match
  • Navigator for TAG Heuer in the 1995 America’s Cup
  • 7th 1992 Olympic Games in 470 Olympic Class
  • New Zealand National Champion in multiple dinghy classes
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Auckland

With this experience he understands the importance of an accurate wind forecast.

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