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PredictWind Affiliate Program

Welcome to the PredictWind affiliate program. We look forward to working with you to benefit us both. The more effort and prominence you give to promoting PredictWind the more you will earn.

PredictWind Affiliate Program
How does the Affiliate Program work?

How does the Affiliate Program work?

  • The affiliate will receive a 25% commission on the first purchase only made by an affiliate customer for a weather forecast subscription through the affiliate link.

  • The commission only works if the subscription starts from Free. As an example, a customer upgrading from Basic to Standard will not lead to any commission. The program is about bringing new paid customers to PredictWind.

  • PredictWind is using an online tool called Tapfiliate. The section below highlights how Tapfiliate works.

Process to set up an Affiliate account


Go to the Tapfiliate dashboard and create an account. You have to provide a PayPal account during the set up so PredictWind can pay the commission. Note: Tapfiliate makes the PayPal account optional, however, no account equals no payment.


PredictWind needs to validate this new account. Once validated the affiliate will receive a URL link that looks like

XXXYYYXXXYYY is a combination of the first name and last name of the affiliate account, the name here will be in your affiliate link, so choose carefully what you want it to be.


Use this URL link through your media or embed it, you can use the Assets in the Tapfiliate account and choose a graphic for the link if you wish (email, mailout, a link embedded in a website, youtube, etc). Your customer can click on the supplied button/URL which can be linked to the PredictWind Home Page, or the PredictWind Pricing Page. Your customer can log in and buy a subscription, or alternatively create a PredictWind account and buy a subscription. The browser cookie will recognize it is an affiliate purchase.

Affiliate Account Monitoring

The affiliate can log in to their account dashboard at any time to monitor any purchases by going into the Conversions tab. Then the affiliate can click on any transaction to see the Commission amount they have earned that will be paid by PredictWind via PayPal. The commission is in NZ$. See the screenshot below. Commission is paid monthly at the end of the month.If you have any questions please contact Learn more about Tapfiliate here.

Affiliate Account Monitoring