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GPS tracking for yacht race competitors and spectators.

Not for tracking with Starlink or other sat services.

Prediect wind tracker app
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  • Watch in real-time or replay
  • No hardware needed, just your phone
  • Evaluate your race strategy
  • Approx. 1MB data useage per day
  • For yacht racing and personal use
  • Increased saftey while sailing
  • Share a link to friends & family

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1. Setup your Event

Enter your name, select Club, Race and Division. Alternatively select Personal Tracking. Personal tracks are stored for 2 days then incrementally deleted.

1. Setup your Event

2. Enable Tracking

Toggle tracking on and enable the Tracker to access location services in your phones settings.

2. Enable Tracking

3. View Tracking

Select View Tracking from the bottom navigation to view your current tracking.

3. View Tracking
Tracking Tips:
  • Make sure battery is charged
  • Turn off wifi & bluetooth to conserve battery
  • Close background apps to conserve power.