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The most comprehensive GPS tracking service on the planet. For both offshore or coastal passages, we have the best GPS tracking solution for your boat.

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How does it work?

PredictWind GPS Tracking integrates seamlessly with the following devices.

Iridium GO!




Garmin InReach

Simply connect your hardware, then access your custom GPS Tracking page created specifically for your boat and share it with friends and family. They’ll be able to see your live GPS position, as well as trip updates and photos.

Why use GPS Tracking
from PredictWind?

Safe and Reliable

GPS Tracking allows your friends and family to monitor your boat’s speed, position and route in real-time, giving you an extra layer of protection when you’re out on the water.

PredictWind supplies a range of GPS Tracking devices with satellite communication and external GPS antennas for 100% safety and reliability.

Low Cost

GPS Tracking is included in the Standard and Professional PredictWind Weather Subscriptions at no extra cost. Your GPS Tracking page and blog posts are available indefinitely, even if you downgrade or cancel your subscription.

Tell Your Story

In addition to showing your position to friends and family, you can also post blogs that correlate with your GPS position. Share the adventure as it happens and post photos to share the excitement of the journey. All blog posts can be uploaded on a mobile connection, or offshore with a Satellite connection through the Offshore App.

Customs Clearance

Your GPS tracking page is accepted by customs as proof of your departure and arrival into countries, which can be essential for government Covid-19 regulations.

GPS Tracking Devices

Iridium GO!

The Iridium GO! is a very popular option for offshore sailors looking for an economical solution. The airtime plans come with unlimited data suitable for retrieving weather data and email, the unit can be used for phone calls, SMS text messages and GPS Tracking. Please see the Iridium GO! page for more information.


This is a dedicated GPS tracking device, and the lowest cost Global GPS Tracking device on the market.


This device is ideally suited for GPS tracking and comes with an internal GPS. Alternatively, you can connect to your boat's instrumentation system (N2K interface supplied) to get GPS data from your boat's externally mounted GPS. To transmit the data back to PredictWind simply connect to any mobile data service, i.e. a mobile hotspot on your phone.

AIS GPS Tracking

AIS is widely used by many boats to automatically identify and track other vessels on a chart plotting device or similar. The AIS data is transmitted by a VHF signal and typically only goes 10-20 nautical miles.

In addition to other boats using AIS, terrestrial based AIS receivers can receive the data, and make it available to internet based tracking services like PredictWind. It is also possible to receive the AIS data from Satellites, as the VHF signal that is transmitted into space travels further with no interference. PredictWind has purchased both terrestrial and satellite AIS real time data for the entire world. With 200,000 to 300,000 vessels at any time, this data is also a great resource for GPS tracking.

Please be warned that some AIS systems may not have the power to transmit AIS data to the SPIRE satellites. This is why we recommend using a YB3i, DataHUB or Iridium GO for 100% reliable GPS tracking.

Device Summary

Recommended Solutions


YB3i for GPS Tracking

Iridium GO! for weather, phone calls, SMS and email

Buy YB3i Buy Iridium GO!

Coastal (with good mobile coverage)

DataHub for GPS Tracking

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GPS Tracking Saves Lives (And Boats)

PredictWind guides fleet of 180 boats home safely during pandemic

In early summer 2020, a giant fleet of 180 boats set sail from the Caribbean and Eastern US destined for Europe. Due to the pandemic, they were unable to stay in the Caribbean and needed to leave before the hurricane season started.

The PredictWind Offshore App, along with the Iridium GO! enabled them to safely manoeuvre around complex weather systems and reach home safely.

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Lost At Sea

“During early January, I was pitched off my yacht in the Arafura Sea, east of the Wessel islands which is located at the eastern side of the Northern Territory. This is about as remote as you can get in Australia.

I found myself floating in the ocean all alone and my yacht sailing away without me.” Nigel Fox - Solo Yachtman

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