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GPS Tracking.

The most comprehensive GPS tracking service on the planet. For both offshore or coastal passages, we have the best GPS tracking solution for your boat.

GPS Tracking.

How does it work?

PredictWind GPS tracking integrates seamlessly with the following devices.

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Simply connect your hardware, then access your custom GPS tracking page created specifically for your boat and share it with friends and family. They’ll be able to see your live GPS position, as well as trip updates and photos.

Safe and reliable

GPS tracking allows your friends and family to monitor your boat’s speed, position and route in real-time, giving you an extra layer of protection when you’re out on the water.

In addition the Wind Speed/Direction from your instruments can be transmitted, to show the real time weather conditions you are experiencing.

Low Cost

GPS tracking is included in the Standard and Professional PredictWind Weather Subscriptions at no extra cost. Your GPS Tracking page and blog posts are available indefinitely, even if you downgrade or cancel your subscription.

Low Cost

Share your journey

In addition to showing your position to friends and family, you can also post blogs that correlate with your GPS position. Share the adventure as it happens and post photos to share the excitement of the journey. All blog posts can be uploaded on a mobile connection, or offshore with a Satellite connection through the Offshore App.

Share your journey

Customs clearance

Your GPS tracking page is accepted by customs as proof of your departure and arrival into countries, which can be essential for government regulations.

GPS tracking devices


  • Dedicated GPS tracker
  • Lowest cost on the market
  • Inexpensive monthly plan
  • Backup battery 3-4 weeks
  • 9-30V external power supply
  • Truly global coverage on the Iridium satellite network
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DataHubMost Popular


  • Accurate Internal GPS
  • External antenna input (NMEA 2000)
  • Broadcast Internet
  • Broadcast GPS via wifi
  • Boat polars
  • Log N2K data
  • Remote Support
  • Share N2K data
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AIS GPS Tracking

AIS GPS Tracking

  • 10-20 Nm Range
  • Boat-to-boat and terrestrial
  • 200 -300,000 vessels worldwide
  • Some AIS systems may lack the power to reach SPIRE satellites

Device summary

Hardware cost
No cost if AIS already installed
Plan cost
No cost - with existing internet connection
No cost
Year round tracking
External GPS
Global coverage
Depends on selected communication device
Low power usage
Backup battery standby
1 month
GPS accuracy and reliability
Depends on selected communication device
Additional features
  • Short emails
  • Broadcast GPS data
  • Transmit wind data
  • Broadcast internet to other devices
  • Polar development
  • Remote Support
  • AIS for chartplotter

GPS tracking saves lives

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Fleet sails home during pandemic

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