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The perfect complement to your Starlink.

The GO! exec 5MB plan.


New GO! exec plan for Starlink Users

With a GO! exec and the 5MB plan you can now run hourly GPS tracking 24/7 with minimal power usage. The GO! exec’s emergency capabilities provide safety and peace of mind, in a package that is now more affordable than ever.
GO! exec 5
USD/ month
5 MB's of data
5 voice minutes
Enough data for hourly GPS Tracking, AI Polars, Anchor Alerts and more.

Why do I need a GO! exec and Starlink?


Portable with backup battery.

In a dead ship event such as a lightning strike, where the boat’s batteries are out of action, or a life-raft evacuation, Starlink will be of no use. The GO! exec’s backup battery could literally be a life-saver with 24 hours of standby or 6 hours of talk/data time. The SOS button is an extra safety feature for added peace of mind. 

26x less power draw than starlink.

Starlink’s power consumption makes it unsuitable for 24/7 use on most boats.

The GO! exec 5MB plan provides enough data to keep services like GPS tracking, AI Polars, and the PredictWind Anchor App connected 24/7 without any overages. This gives you the flexibility to only turn on your Starlink when you need high speed internet.

The Datahub is required for PredictWind GPS Tracking.

26x less power draw than starlink.
Made for marine environments.

Made for marine environments.

The GO! exec has an IP65 waterproof rating, while the Starlink routers have no waterproof rating, and the standard antennae has an IP54 rating, which is a source of potential failure in storms.

Starlink does not work in heavy rain due to the K band frequency degradation in these conditions, where as the GO! exec’s L band frequency performs in any conditions.

Make calls directly from the unit.

In the event of a life-raft evacuation or medical emergency, make voice calls directly into the unit with no additional apps or devices requires. Be assured emergency services are aware of your situation and stay in contact until help arrives.

Make calls directly from the unit.