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Starlink for your boat.

We’re big fans of Starlink for high speed internet access, but simply comparing download speeds is not the full picture. Read below to find out more.

Starlink for your boat.
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  • Fast Downloads
  • Large data caps
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Safety / Low Power / Reliable
  • Portable, waterproof unit
  • Backup battery
  • Voice calls from the unit
  • SOS Button (IERCC)
  • 100% Coverage & Reliability
  • Ultra low power

Starlink and the Iridium GO! are complimentary.

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Neil Schlossberg

Charter & delivery Captain since 1977

Every cruising vessel should have the Iridium GO! We were tracked by friends, had great email abilities and SOS features for offshore safety.


Annie Gardner

Olympic Medallist, 5x world titles

In 2014 we cruised the Med and crossed the Atlantic. The SOS feature on the Iridium GO! gave us peace of mind when we are offshore.

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for speed

Starlink is the best solution for sailors wanting high speed internet on their boat. Starlink is the largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver broadband internet capable of supporting video streaming, video calls and more.

PredictWind has no affiliation with Starlink, but we are impressed by the technology that supports our main goal to deliver accurate weather data to anyone in the world.

PredictWind is a reseller of the Iridium GO! and GO! exec, which we believe are complementary to the Starlink service. Both Starlink and the GO! / GO! exec have full integration with PredictWind.

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Iridium GO! for safety, low power and reliability.

In the event of an emergency, activate the SOS button and take the unit with you in the life raft. The IP65 rating means it can survive in the harshest marine environments.

The GO! are ideally suited for yachts, with less than 5% of the power usage of Starlink, and true 100% global coverage, to keep you safe and connected, anywhere in the world.

Make voice calls from the Iridium GO! and the backup battery will keep you powered up with 15.5 hrs standby or 5.5 hrs talk/data time.

Compare the details.

Iridium GO!
Iridium GO! exec
GO! Unlimited
exec Unlimited
Mobile RegionalStandard Antenna
Mobile PriorityFlat High Performance Antenna
Hardware cost
Monthly cost
Max download speed
5-50 Mbit/s ¹
40-220 Mbit/s ¹
Data included
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited ²
Time to download 1MB
56 minutes
1.5 minutes
0.05 seconds
0.03 seconds
Data overage charges
Calls (Minutes)
150 / month
50 / month
CallsOverage Charges
$0.70 /min
Voice call quality
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Coastal, where coverage ³
90% global coverage
Antenna Waterproofing
Device/Router Waterproofing
No IP rating
No IP rating
GPS tracking
With DataHub
With DataHub
With DataHub
PredictWind integration
In Motion Use
Phone calls via unitWithout extra apps/hardware
Power usage
Battery backup Redundancy ⁴
Life-raft use
Portable off-boat use
Antenna size
95 dia x 188mm high
95 dia x 188mm high
513 x 303 x 343mm high
575 x 511 x 41mm high
Antenna Beam Angle ⁵
Wind rating
All-weather connection ⁶
  • ¹ Starlink max download speed in ideal conditions. In congested areas download speed can drop to a few MB/s. In addition obstructions can cause dropouts.
  • ² Unlimited PredictWind Data only. Please go to the Unlimited Page to see what services are included.
  • ³ The Starlink Mobile Regional plan with the standard antenna is for coastal use only, and not in motion use.
  • ⁴ The GO! exec has an internal battery so in the event of a power failure or life-raft evacuation, you have up to 6 hours of talk/data time or 24 hours of standby time.
  • ⁵ Antenna with a larger beam angle allows better tracking of satellites, and less potential for dropouts due to obstructions such as masts, etc.
  • ⁶ The L-band frequency is rain-resistant while K-band frequencies are subject to degradation during rain or snow.

The perfect backup for Starlink users

Get the GO! Basic Plan so you can run full-time, 24/7 hourly GPS tracking for added safety and peace of mind offshore. The Iridium GO! offers essential redundancy with voice calling in the event of an emergency, and is the perfect backup for your Starlink. All you need is your PredictWind Standard or Professional forecast subscription and the updated GO! Basic plan and you’re good to go!
GO! Basic
USD/ month
5 bundled minutes
1500 SMS messages for hourly GPS tracking

Why do I need the Iridium GO! and Starlink?

Portable with backup battery.

Portable with backup battery.

In a dead ship event such as a lightning strike, where the boat’s batteries are out of action, or a life-raft evacuation, Starlink will be of no use. The GO! provides 15.5 hours standby and 5.5 hours talk/data. The SOS button is an extra safety feature for added peace of mind.

26x less power draw than starlink.

26x less power draw than starlink.

Starlink’s power consumption makes it unsuitable for 24/7 use on most boats.

The GO! Basic plan provides enough data to keep GPS tracking connected 24/7 without any overages. This gives you the flexibility to only turn on your Starlink when you need high speed internet.

Made for marine environments.

Made for marine environments.

The Iridium GO! has an IP65 waterproof rating, while the Starlink routers have no waterproof rating, and the standard antennae has an IP54 rating, which is a source of potential failure in storms.

Starlink does not work in heavy rain due to the K band frequency degradation in these conditions, where as the GO!’s L band frequency performs in any conditions.

10 reasons to trust the Iridium GO!

  1. Your boat inverter fails, resulting in no AC power to run your Starlink.

  2. Your boat suffers a power failure, that results in no Starlink. The Iridium GO! has 15.5 hours on standby and can support a talk time of up to 5.5 hours with its internal battery.

  3. Starlink has a worldwide outage. This happened in September 2023, and could happen in the future with this new and rapidly expanding network that is constantly being upgraded with new satellites.

  4. In a thunderstorm, you can store the Iridium GO! in your oven, which acts like a faraday cage to protect vital communications. Starlink does not have this option, and most electronics will not survive a nearby lightning strike unless stowed correctly.

  5. The K-Band frequency used by Starlink is affected by heavy rain, which can result in no service. The L-Band service used by Iridium is rain resistant, and works in all weather conditions.

  6. In a storm, your boat will be pounded by waves and salt spray, and even below decks can be damp and wet. The Starlink standard dish is only IP54 rated, which is not suitable for these conditions. The Starlink routers are built for indoor use, with no IP rating. The Iridium GO! has an IP65 rating, built specifically for harsh marine environments.

  1. When running low on fuel, where generator use is at a premium, and solar panels do not provide sufficient charge, the Starlink 60-130 watt usage can be critical. The Iridium GO!’s 5 watt usage eliminates any significant power issues when running services like GPS tracking 24/7.

  2. Eliminate the possibility of bill shock when offshore, paying US$2/GB for Starlink overages, if your devices stream data accidentally.

  3. Provide global connectivity without having to subscribe to the US$250/month Starlink global plan.

  4. In the event that you need to ditch into a life raft, you can take the Iridium GO! with you. With full voice capability, you can coordinate with emergency services for a rescue, and get medical advice if needed. In addition, you have a phone number that emergency services/family can call, and an SOS button to provide an emergency response coordination service at no additional charge.

The Iridium GO! is an essential safety communication device for any boat heading offshore.

Stay safe and connected offshore with the Iridium GO!

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