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Ed Gorman – Journalist & Writer

The PredictWind service is easy to use and transforms ocean navigation for the cruising sailor. Completely reliable, it offers a comprehensive weather view and routing service that becomes an essential part of the daily routine on board. However, the truly outstanding aspect of the PredictWind offer is the technical and after-sales support. The staff at PredictWind are all sailors who understand the needs of their clients and, in my experience, they will stop at nothing to ensure that the software and hardware is all working to their customers’ satisfaction. In my case the performance – on both a technical and support level – was outstanding and it was available 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. As a fellow British cruising sailor put it: “PredictWind is a no-brainer for anyone going serious sailing.”

    Journalist and writer.

    Sailing Correspondent of The Times, 1996-2006.

    UK and Ireland cruising sailor.

    2019: completed 4,000-nautical mile solo Atlantic circuit on Jeanneau 389, Albertine.

Conn Williamson

I want to tell you about how good your predictions are.
I was waiting at Yamba NSW for a weather window last week to head to Brisbane, as there was a persistent low system of the East Coast.
I look at quite a few forecast providers, including BOM, Windy, Willy, Metvuw and PredictWind.
All the forecasters for at least 3 days prior were predicting 15-25 knots from the South for Saturday 17/6/17 except you guys who had 30+ with a deepening low.
I presumed that you were the odd one out, how wrong that was. I ended up with 35-38k for most of the sail and 3- 4 meter seas.
So from now on I will be regarding your service as the more accurate model above the BOM.

    Annie Gardner – El Gato

    It’s been said “knowledge is power” and PredictWind is a power tool!

    With so many options out there for weather services, we found PredictWind to be by far the most comprehensive useful tool for weather routing, Wx information, departure planning, and safety.  The SOS feature on Iridium Go! also adds peace of mind when we are offshore.  Jon Bilger and team continue to tweak and update the program and are always available to answer questions. The instructional videos are thorough and easy to understand.

    In 2014 we purchased our cruising catmaran El Gato and cruised the Med, crossed the Atlantic, sailed throughout the Caribbean, up the east coast of the USA and back down to the Caribbean.    It’s been an adventure of a lifetime and we could not thank the PredictWind Team enough for their commitment to making it possible to get such comprehensive and detailed weather no matter where we are.

    PredictWind is one stop shopping for all our weather needs!


      • America3 Women’s Team Navigator
      • Olympic Silver Medalist – 1984 Windsurfer Exhibition
      • 5 World Titles, 19 National Wins –  Small cats and Windsurfing
      • Host and Live Commentator for Sailing Events and Adventure Shows
    Jan Cluistra

    We make a lot of use of your program and are delighted with the results. Even with 40 Atlantic crossings and 370,000nm (equivalent of more then 12X around the world) I find this is my go to program before the start of every offshore trip that we make.

      • Professional skipper for mono & multihull boats from 40′ to 70′
      • 370,000 nm offshore & near coastal. 42 ocean crossings.
      • Instructor – Yacht Master Offshore courses and instructor examiner
      • Test prototypes (i.e. hull #1,2,3) for boat builders and providing feedback to improve design and performance.
      • Assist new owners with selection of electronics, sails and equipment. Provide training and coaching to ensure competence and confidence for boat owners.
      • Train & support owners with passage planning, weather routing, navigation and use of all on board technology & systems.
    Ken Frantz, Captain/Owner 48 Salina Fountaine Pajot

    Winning the ARC race from the Canaries to St. Lucia took a great crew and the perfect sail complement. But, even if Jimmy Spithill was one of my crew members and I spent $100,000 on sails, I could not have won on that alone. What did win the race for “My Cherie Amour” in the multihull division by a mere 4 minutes 36 seconds (the narrowest win in ARC history), was PredictWind. PredictWind had us move off the rumb line 8 times, in one case by over 150 nautical miles. Each time we thought the PredictWind modelling must have gone haywire. However, each time we trusted in PredictWind, there was a big payoff in terms of finding new wind and improved VMG. We were using many inputs for weather. But all we needed were the four models in PredictWind. Specifically, one was when PredictWind told us to hold just north of a fine line between good and weaker winds where systems with less resolution said to move further north. PredictWind was correct as those that moved further north were overtaken by a weak wind system that came in two days later from the east causing a loss of many hours getting their boat back south where winds were solid the entire time. And second, other models were predicting from 3 days to 1 day out that we’d have light winds on the final day. But fortunately PredictWind had the final day forecast correct with stronger winds that favoured out boat over our competition, allowing us to regain 1st place.

    When we arrived in St Lucia, others asked us if we had on-board tactical computers. No, we would say, we had something much better. We had PredictWind.

      John and Lyn Martin
      Intelligent, accurate, easy to use and always puts you in the right place to take best advantage of the systems. Simply Brilliant!
        Neil Schlossberg

        I just installed the Iridium GO! a few days before taking off on our 28th trip to Fiji on our 48′ yacht Trumpeter.  Midway between Auckland and Savu Savu, Fiji we were sailing along brilliantly at a very nice 8 knots broad reaching in 22-24 kts.  It was my wife’s  watch and just on sunset and my time to go down for some sleep.  Normally in the “old days” I would have put another reef in just as most cruisers do for the night to avoid any fire drills while I was down.  It was just so nice I didn’t want to change anything!  The perfect tool was to get the immediate PredictWind  4 forecasts and see what was predicted for the rest of the evening.  The PWG/PWE/GFS/ECMWF all agreed that there should be no more wind above the 23 knots so we left the rig as it was.  It was one of the best sailing nights we have had in a very long time.  The wind settled down and stayed in the predicted range.  Without Predictwind and the GO! we never would have had the confidence to maximise that moment.

        I graduated from the Satellite Communicator to the Iridium GO! and it was the best move we have ever done on our boat.  We were tracked by friends, we had great email abilities and SOS features that has raised the bar again on offshore safety.  With all that and the ability to get four accurate forecasts from Predictwind,  I just think every cruising vessel should have Predictwind and the GO!

          Swan 48 Trumpeter
          • Working professionally on yachts since 1972
          • USCG Merchant Officer since 1977
          • Private, Charter and delivery Captain since 1977
          • Cruising South Pacific since 1987 including 19 return trips New Zealand-Fiji, 2 return trips Australia-Fiji on Trumpeter
          • Numerous deliveries between Tahiti-New Zealand and Fiji-New Zealand
        Matt Rutherford
        I have found their service to be accurate even in the most remote regions of our planet.
          Gerry Hughes

          After I arrived back home a few weeks ago from sailing around the world I can look back and say to myself how pleased I was with the Satellite Communicator (now replaced by the Iridium GO! which adds voice & Internet access and an Unlimited Data Plan!). I used it every day from when I set sail on September 1st 2012. Every morning at 6.00am I opened my laptop to check the weather so that I could decide on the route I could take. It offered four different routes enabling me to make a decision about the course I would choose to match the angle of the wind. It was the same every evening at 18.00hrs. Using the communicator also offered me the opportunity to keep in touch with my family via email. I am so delighted with myself with my decision to purchase the Satellite Communicator (now replaced by the Iridium GO! which adds voice & Internet access and an Unlimited Data Plan!). It has become my bible and I will continue to use it for sailing at home in the West of Scotland.

            • First profoundly deaf person to sail the Atlantic single-handed
            • First deaf person to sail around the world solo
          Carol Smolawa

          “I like the new solution PredictWind Offshore with XGATE/Optimizer. It is an easy to use but precise and performance solution.
          On our Club-owned Yacht it is very important to cover the spectrum from offshore races to ambitious cruises.
          With an expensive Satellite connection we need to adjust the downloaded data exactly to our needs and at the right time.
          We waited a long time for a solution like this…. Congrats to your development team.”

            Skipper SY “Bank von Bremen”

            • Several Trans Atlantic Crossings
            • Awarded journey Iceland – North East Greenland

            Offshore Races

            • Daimler Chrysler North Atlantik Challenge
            • Fastnet race
            • Northsea Challenge
            • Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland
            • Northstream Challenge
            • 2016 Rio Race Horta – Hamburg
          Joanne van Os and Lex Silvester

          We purchased an Iridium Go!/PredictWind package in 2014, prior to leaving Darwin to sail to Hobart. Our yacht Tramontana is a 54ft Atkinson centre cockpit mono hull, built of strip-planked western red cedar, and home for the past six years.

          Jon Bilger and his crew at PredictWind went above and beyond expectations in helping us install and operate the software, and to be able to use it effectively. They seemed to be at the end of an email—or even a telephone—any day of the week, and even late at night.

          We found PredictWind to be fantastic for choosing a sailing route, finding the best winds and avoiding the unpleasant stuff. We had some perfect sailing experiences—and the only times we were in less pleasant conditions was when we didn’t follow the suggested routes. When we sailed non-stop from Brisbane to Sydney, we followed the suggested route about 100 nm offshore, which set us up for a fast and comfortable run to Sydney, avoiding the worst of the squalls playing around at the time.

          We heartily recommend PredictWind to other offshore sailors. Combined with the Iridium Go!, it keeps you updated with the best weather information as well as email and text contact with the shore.

          And the customer service and support is terrific!

            Luiz Schechter

            My family spent vocations in Buzios, an area known for its beautiful beaches, but also for its strong winds. We used PredictWind to pick the best days for sailing and never had a surprise. It removed the element of uncertainty and provided the peace of mind I could never have in that area.

            Afterwards we anticipated the departure to Rio by two days following PredictWind’s five day forecast. What a great tool! We enjoyed 13 hours of pure sailing pleasure and used the engine only for the last miles. Needless to say, conditions were adverse the next days… as predicted.

            The animated display, with timed maps using colors for expected wind speed range and arrows for expected wind direction, is perfect for optimal route planning and departure timing. Detailed and reliable weather information improves safety, speed, cost and FUN! One thing I can predict: sailors will become addicted to this tool.

              • Cruising and racing in Brazil and South America since 1969.
              • Captain license since 1982, engineer since 1983.
              • Former board member Yacht Club Ypacarai – ISAF MNA – Paraguay
              • Cruising the Brazilian coast with the 27 ft Trimaran “Lara S”
            Ron Auth

            Having cruised the Sea of Cortez and Mainland Mexico for a decade now, weather predictions were always a combination of short wave forecasts, locals VHF nets and local knowledge from fisherman, no longer. Predictwind accurately, and in a visual format, gives me the wind speed and direction in just minutes. The ultimate tool for planning crossings from Baja to the Mainland and back, I wouldn’t trust anything else. Being able to see the wind develop, hourly, and planning your route has saved me many hours on crossings.

            Predictwind’s weather routing feature does it for you, saving time and stress on you and your boat. Seeing the wind conditions for the next 5 day forecasts has greatly improved my sailing planning and experience.

            I highly recommend PredictWind to any serious cruiser in Mexican waters

              Brown Searunner Trimaran
              Sea of Cortes and Mainland Mexico
            Chris Meikle

            For us, safety at sea is an overriding precursor to having fun on the water. Access to accurate weather information is vital.

            We have been impressed with the quality and accuracy of the PredictWind site. However the problem with internet based weather services, is gaining access when you are in a bay with no internet coverage. We decided the 3G communicator was the right choice for our needs, and have found it has exceeded our expectations. We have been tucked away in secluded bays with no cell phone signal – but still had a strong broadband signal. Very impressive indeed!

            The boat tracking function is a fantastic feature of the communicator. The boats position is tracked on the PredictWind site and available to family or friends who can monitor the boats progress on any given passage – a great safety feature.

            I would not hesitate to recommend the 3G communicator to anyone wanting to stay connected – and to take advantage of PredictWind’s superb weather information.

              THE SPIRIT OF THE SEA

              Recreational sailor of 25 years

            Paul Lawrence

            I sail around the Queensland Gold Coast region (Australia) cruising and doing local offshore races. Because of the nature of sailing offshore in the Sub Tropics weather, knowing what’s coming is important. I have used most of the available weather forecasts, but have found Predictwind accurate time and time again.

            This year travelling north had a PredictWind report showing a change coming through at 1am from NE 5kts to South 30 – 40kts, I managed to find shelter 50nm offshore at the Percy Islands. Right on schedule in came the change, unfortunately a charter fishing boat with 30 people on board 20nm to my east was not so lucky to have this information and went down on Swains Reef, all were rescued. Other programs had suggested the changes might come in overnight, but none had predicted the ferocity of the change or was able to give an accurate time frame.

            PredictWind was right on the money. I definitely feel safe using PredictWind and find the accuracy remarkable.

              Tom Morris

              PredictWind is a fantastic product that I use all the time to anticipate conditions here on the coast of Maine – whether it is for racing, day sailing, ‘performance cruising’ or occasional deliveries. I am constantly telling my sailing friends and associates that it is by far the most accurate wind forecasting that I have found and, as a someone with limited free time to sail in a dynamic weather environment, I have looked hard.

              Even more important than tactical and routing uses, PredictWind became my primary weather planner as hurricanes approached the Northeast US (Earl last year and Irene this year). Budget constraints keep me from hauling my boat for false alarms and the wind forecasts as both storms approached helped me to make the most prudent and informed decisions.

                • One design and offshore racing since the age of 8
                • Northeast US, San Francisco and Bermuda
                • Former Off Shore Sailing School instructor
                • Former USCG “6 Pack” Captain
                • Volunteer Fire Dept Captain
                • Reinsurance Broker
              Dave Kitson

              In 2006, we sold the house, bought our Southerly 35RS and in 2007, we set sail for the Mediterranean. Since then, my wife and I have spent 4 wonderful years cruising the coasts of France, Italy, Turkey and particularly Greece. We don’t race, but we do travel long distances slowly and anchor frequently. We take a very keen interest in the weather to keep ourselves both safe and comfortable.

              The winds in the Mediterranean are generally not driven by nice predictable and visible depressions, but by thermal factors and blow without warning from a clear blue sky. The Meltemi, which covers most of the Aegean, can easily blow at force 7-8 for days or even weeks at a time. The Mistral in France and Bora in the Adriatic are similar. The very mountainous nature of Greece (and many of the other countries bordering the Northern shore of the Med) makes the weather very local. Valleys, Islands and Peaks can and do make huge changes to the wind. Going from F3 to F6 and back within 2 miles is not unusual. While experience helps, this is where PredictWind comes into its own. Unlike all other systems I have seen, it predicts these local winds surprisingly accurately particularly where the 1km forecasts are available.

                Maurice Contessi

                For over two months I sailed Full Circle in the Southern Ocean and Tasman Seas. I found the PredictWind program to be absolutely critical in giving me the right information to ensure that I kept both myself and my boat safe at all times. I would not go to sea without it.

                  Maurice is a yachtsman, builder, husband and father. He has campaigned three keelboats in offshore races both in Tasmania and Victoria to win ocean races in all three. Some of his notable performances include winning the 2000 Melbourne to Hobart and surviving the storm ravaged 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

                  • Over Forty Bass Straight crossings to date.
                  • 1st 2000 Melbourne to Hobart race
                  • Extensive Ocean racing background in both Tasmania and Victoria extending back 15 years.
                  • Cruised the east coast of Australia, Whitsundays, Tasmania and Adelaide.
                  • Certificate of Competence Safety and Sea Survival Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency
                Bill Hardesty

                Every sailor deserves the tools that PredictWind offers. I use it for my racing, cruising, kiting, and even surfing. The weather forecasts are a must, the online routing software makes passage making a pleasure, and the worldwide accuracy is truly amazing. When routing, I put my cruising boats polars into the PredictWind website and I can avoid storms, upwind sailing, and plan our passages with ease and comfort. This has saved us time and money allowing us to cruise year round while continuing to race sailboats professionally.

                It should be no surprise that my best year racing (2011) was the first year I started using predictwind.com.

                  2011 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year
                  • 6 x World Champion
                  • Match Racer, One Design, and Cruising Sailor
                Cumhur Gokova

                I have circumnavigated the world two times. In addition, as a sailing instructor of 43 years I have helped to graduate 8019 Captains. I show every student the PredictWind forecast before we sail. It makes my job enjoyable as I can see that my students understand it very quickly and without any difficulties.

                  Perry Kostanich

                  50 years plus in a mix of commercial and leisure boating and includes voyages to Tonga, Fiji, the Auckland to Noumea Yacht race and rtn, many Coastal Classics and of course many trips around the New Zealand Coast.

                  When we were planning our circumnavigation of NZ in our yacht Indian Summer, a reliable means of communication and weather forecasting in the remote areas of Fiordland and Stewart Island and on the off shore parts of the trip where cellphone coverage is not available was a priority. We looked at several options including Satellite phone and the PredictWind communicator ((now replaced by the Iridium GO! which adds voice & Internet access and an Unlimited Data Plan!) and finally decided to go with the communicator because of its simplicity of use, twice daily weather forecasts and the added bonus of the tracker. The system has proved to be very reliable, costs are reasonable and it has lived up to our expectations with communication available 24hrs. The unexpected bonus has been the interest that has been generated by the tracker with a lot of people following our progress. The tracker has also given peace of mind to our families at home. The support we have received from the PredictWind people has been excellent and we have had very prompt replies to any queries we may have.

                    Herman Diebler

                    It was really nice to have the PredictWind DataHub onboard our cruise this summer. It sent periodic position reports via our Verizon WiFi hotspot to the PredictWind tracking and blogging website allowing friends and family to share our travel experiences with us. The DataHub worked flawlessly and even recorded position reports when cell service was not available updating the tracking blog when cell service was eventually restored. It was fun sharing our travel experiences and photos with friends and family. Our iPad’s GPS was quite unreliable, and actually caused us to touch ground a couple of times in the narrow channel. Luckily, we discovered the GPS NMEA WiFi repeater feature. The DataHub was able to broadcast our highly accurate Raymarine GPS over wifi to all our devices on the boat. After that our trip was stress free and more pleasurable thanks to the DataHub.

                      Luis & Kim Soltero

                      On Bliss, our 40 foot custom pilot house trawler, we use a dedicated inexpensive Android phone using
                      www.visible.com/verizon as our airtime provider. This provider allows for unlimited data tethering for $25 per month. However, here is the rub. Only one computer can be tethered to the phone. On Bliss this one device is our PredictWind DataHub. It allows us share this one Internet connection with 2 computers, 1 iPad, and two phones without issue. Bottom line… DataHub allows us to live in Internet nirvana on Bliss while paying very reasonable rates for the service. WiFi calling, Zoom, Skype, Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Amazon Streaming Music… its all available easily now on Bliss thanks to DataHub.

                        Bill & Michele Greene

                        It has been really advantageous to have the PredictWind DataHub onboard. Using a dedicated USB-connected Android phone for internet service, not only kept our tracking and blogging at PredictWind up to date but also had the added benefit of allowing all of the computers, tablets, and phones on our cruising catamaran to easily access the internet whenever within extended-range cellular coverage.

                        It’s been quite fun to share our adventure travels including tracks and anchorages, relate our experiences with text commentary, and post on-location photos, with our family and friends – all over cellular networks.

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                          Milan Radonich—Big Angry Fish TV Show

                          We pretty much run our business by it, as it’s very accurate. Before we were using PredictWind, we found we were driving to a location on a good weather window and the weather would be rubbish. When you are talking 2 trucks, 2 boats, and 5 staff it starts getting expensive when you aren’t even getting on the water.

                          We have just built a multi rotor—it’s taken us a couple of years, but it’s an incredible piece of machinery. We use the forecasts for this, as flying in strong winds isn’t good, so we book work around the site for days we can fly. Our underwater camera man captures fish in their natural environment, so he is using it also on a daily basis, and then the filming crew, Nathan, and I, use the site to find weather windows up and down the country and it plans our fishing time table.

                          PredictWind would have paid for itself 10 times over for us, and it pretty much decides the days we film.

                          It’s a fantastic tool.

                            David Weaver – ZenZak Flyfishing Charters

                            “I am a Flyfishing guide on Sterkfontein Dam near the town of Harrismith, South Africa.
                            Thanks for the brilliant app.
                            To date it has been the most reliable.
                            Helps tremendously when planning a fishing trip in what can be very dangerous waters.
                            On Saturday we just got off the water and to a sheltered bay before this storm hit, thanks to your predictions.

                            But we did manage to catch and release some great fish earlier in the day.


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                              Join these industry leaders and get started with accurate forecasts now


                              Dave Robertson

                              As soon as PredictWind went online I have been hooked! It has been fantastic to have a website that covers all the top spots to ride and so accurately. I used to get so frustrated with wind predictions that were over forecasting and never delivering!! PredictWind has allowed us to score all the right spots at the right time in the last few months. Being able to access graphs that show all of my favourite beaches forecasts at once has made planning a great day on the water so easy, whether it be freestyle or speed kiting.

                                • 2004 – 1st Windsurfing Youth World Champion
                                • 2007/8 – Coach of Thomas Ashley (Olympic Gold Medalist/World Champion)
                                • 2008 – 2nd 8.5 meter multi hull nationals
                                • 2008 – 3rd Downwind race kite surfing national championships
                                • 2008 – 9th Quarter finalist freestyle kite surfing national championships
                                • 2008 – 15th GPS speed website kiting rankings
                              Stefan Ruether – Kitexcite.com

                              As a business owner of a Paragliding (Hang-gliding) and Kiteboarding (Kitesurfing) school in KiteBeach, Dominican Republic, and a keen paraglider and kite surfer myself, a reliable source of wind and weather forecasting is vital for my business and for my client’s safety.

                              Predictwind.com is the only reliable wind forecast for the Dominican Republic I came across. None of the other wind forecast services calculate the local thermal conditions, which effect the wind. Therefore, they tend to be 85% wrong, thus costing us and other Cabarete kite & windsurfing businesses a heavy loss.

                              Good job, Jon! Keep up the good work!

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                                Join these industry leaders and get started with accurate forecasts now

                                One Design

                                Dylan Fletcher

                                I have been using PredictWind since 2011 and it has been a game changer. The level of accuracy and amount of models make it a must have for any racer. In Olympic sailing we sail all around the world at different venues and need the high resolution to see on small scale what’s going on around the racecourse. More recently we used Predictwind every day during the Olympics in Enoshima (2020 sailing venue) and it helped us on the way to winning gold. A true must have!

                                  Key Achievements

                                  • 49er Gold Tokyo 2020 Olympics
                                  • 49er world champion
                                  • 4x 49er European champion,
                                  • Multiple World Cup winner
                                  • Multiple moth national titles (GBR)
                                  • ex GBR SailGP skipper
                                  • 29er Youth World Champion
                                Victor Kovalenko
                                If you want to be successful in racing — use PredictWind — Precise in details, Dynamic in development, Effective in delivery.
                                  • World Sailors of the Year Coach 1997, 2013
                                  • Six Olympic Gold Medals’ Coach
                                  • Three Olympic Bronze Medals’ Coach
                                  • 18 World Champions’ Coach
                                  • 12 European Champions’ Coach
                                  • 132 World Class Regattas Winning Coach
                                  • Head Coach of Australian Olympic Team 2004,2008,2012
                                  • Australian Coach of the Year 2008, 2012
                                  • Medal of the Order of Australia 2012
                                  • Four Medals of USSR and Ukrainian Governments
                                  • Australian Sport Hall of Fame Member
                                  • Olympic 470 class Hall of Fame Member
                                  • International Sailing Federation, Coaches Commission Member
                                  • International Coaches Association Vice-President
                                  • Honoured Member of Royal Queensland Yacht Club, Royal Tasmania Yacht Club, Member of Honour of Sandringham Yacht Club, Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Middle Harbour Yacht Club
                                  • Ambassador of Australia Day 2000,2013
                                  • Masters Degree in Sport and Sport Science
                                  • Order of Merit by NSW Olympic Committee 2014
                                Simon Rowell – Meteorologist, British Sailing Team

                                I use PW daily, and really value the access to different models you give. You’ve put a lot of work into making the data accessible & well displayed, and it certainly makes my life easier. My main roles are to (a) set out a decent forecast for the sailors and, as importantly (b) to give them an understanding of how the day’s weather should develop so they can make faster & consistently better on the water decisions. If you doing 20 kts on a Nacra you haven’t time to think about what the isobars are doing, it’s got to be instinctive, taking the physical clues & going from there. PredictWind helps me understand in detail what’s going on and why, and that in turn allows me to explain that more clearly to the sailors & coaches.

                                  Sam Meech

                                  PredictWind is a great tool for me. It allows me to quickly and easily access forecasts just about anywhere in the world. The information is reliable and it is great to be able to get data on wind speeds, temperature, wave heights and cloud cover all from the same website and presented in a variety of different forms.


                                    • Olympic Bronze Medal Rio 2016, Laser Class
                                    • 2nd New Zealand Laser Nationals, Torbay, 2011
                                    • 26th Laser World Championships, England, 2010
                                    • 4th New Zealand Laser Nationals, Timaru, 2010
                                    • 2nd Sail Sydney, Australia 2009
                                    • 1st Volvo ISAF Youth World Championships, Brazil, 2009
                                    • 3rd Volvo ISAF Youth World Championships, Denmark, 2008
                                    • 1st Under 21 Laser World Championships, La Rochelle, France, 2011
                                  Andreas Kosmatopoulos – Olympic – 470 World Champion

                                  “I was amazed by the accuracy of PredictWind in different World’s locations. It helped me to implement efficient strategy in advance, despite having on the water lack of coaching support. It was my successful secret weather advisor as an athlete and now my daily wind prediction “must have” tool as a coach”.

                                    Andreas Kosmatopoulos
                                    B.P.A. Physical Education
                                    M.A. Olympic Studies
                                    470 World Champion
                                    5 times Olympian

                                    Five times Olympian (1992 to 2008 Olympic Games) in Double Handed Int. class 470
                                    Gold medal 470 Men’s World Championship 1995
                                    Silver medal 470 Men’s World Championship 2002
                                    Silver medal 470 Men’s European Championship 2002
                                    Bronze medal 470 Open Europeans 2002
                                    Bronze medal 470 Mediterranean Games 1997
                                    Bronze medal 470 Pre-Olympics Savannah 1995
                                    Four times ISAF World ranking No. 1
                                    8th  place at Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
                                    Gold medal Carrara international regatta 1992
                                    Gold medal Christmas Race Palamos 1996
                                    Gold medal Athens Eurolymp Int.Week 1993,1994,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2008
                                    Gold medal Balkan Games 1992,1993,1994,1996
                                    Silver medal Semaine Olympique de Voile Hyeres 1998
                                    Silver medal Barcelona Sailing week 2002
                                    Silver medal Roma Sail Week 1998
                                    Silver medal Kiel Week 2001
                                    Bronze medal Holland regatta 2000
                                    Bronze medal Danish Spring regatta 1995 & 1999
                                    Bronze medal Princess Sophia Trophy (Palma) 1998 & 2002
                                    Bronze medal Barcelona Sailing week 2007

                                  Matthew Chew

                                  Our team used PredictWind to assist us through the tricky 2009 Etchell world championships.

                                  The two independent PredictWind models came into their own in the light variable sea breeze days when often one model would nail the situation compared to our other data sources. The PredictWind ‘maps’ feature gave me a great understanding of the developing wind on each day and we were hardly taken by surprise by any situation.

                                  PredictWind’s models played a huge role in our first beat strategy and coupled with great fleet positioning saw us correctly up the first beat in every race without taking any risks. We were top 10-15 around every top mark. This set up each of our top 10 finishes in every race.

                                    1st 2009 Etchell World Championship

                                    Jason Muir
                                    Matthew Chew
                                    Paul Wyatt
                                    Bucky Smith

                                  Simon Cunnington

                                  In the lead up to 2009 Etchell Worlds we sought a more localised and concise form of weather forecast, and we decided on PredictWind after an initial test period. The 1km weather model downloads were a daily part of our race preparation, and we found the accuracy of the text files invaluable, you are not bombarded with excessive information and have clear options to help with race strategy for that day.

                                    • 2nd 2009 Etchell World Championships
                                    • 95 America’s Cup
                                    • 93-94 Whitbread Race
                                    • 11 Sydney Hobart’s
                                    • 6 Farr 40 World Championships
                                  Karl Purdie

                                  PredictWind, without a word of a lie, was absolutely fantastic! It was incredibly accurate here and very instrumental in how well I went. I tuned in every morning to it and it gave me a lot of confidence in picking which side of the beats to work in every race.

                                    • 1st 2010 OK Worlds
                                    • 2nd 2009 OK Worlds
                                    • 1st 2008 OK Worlds
                                    • 3rd 2007 OK Worlds
                                    • 5th 2006 OK Worlds
                                  Hamish Pepper

                                  If you’re the serious sailor or just racing for fun, you require a good weather forecast. I have started using PredictWind for all my racing this season and it has proven time and time again to be very accurate. I find PredictWind as good if not better than any weather service out there. Its easy to use and visually easy to understand

                                    • 1996 Match Racing World Champion
                                    • 2000  Match Racing World Champion
                                    • 2003 Mumm 30 World Champion
                                    • 2005 Farr 40 World Champion
                                    • 2006 Star World Champion
                                    • 2nd 2009 Star World Championships
                                    • 1st ISAF World Rankings Laser 1996
                                    • 1st ISAF World Rankings Star 2007

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                                  Join these industry leaders and get started with accurate forecasts now


                                  Robbie Wallace

                                  As a former yacht racing navigator for 35 years, the process of obtaining precise wind information has always been at the core of my planning and execution, of course. Now, as a professional Captain aboard large motor yachts, I am often frustrated with the minimal wind information available in the wheelhouse. Mast Head Units are typically mounted between two communication domes or radar scanners, for example! Sure, on a motor yacht at sea we don’t need to know subtle wind shifts, but it is still extremely important to me to know wind speed and direction as accurately as possible, especially on a black night. I have always planned my passages using the usual Internet sites for GRIBS and buoy data, but now with PredictWind.com, I have for the first time the ability to view High Resolution Local information accessible during the voyage. Do I continue down the Rhumb Line or should I close with the beach because a hard offshore is predicted at 0200? With PredictWind.com these decisions are now much easier! It’s almost like having a new wind instrument on the bridge!

                                    Owner of Horizon Navigation, a yacht and commercial vessel delivery service, Robbie Wallace has accumulated more than 370,000 miles of offshore experience. He currently holds a US 1600 ton Masters license for Motor or Sail, All Oceans, with associated endorsements and STCW95.

                                    Also an acclaimed navigator on racing yachts Robbie has sailed 13 Transpacs from 1975 to 2007 including navigating aboard Andrews Turbo 70 Victoria, Andrews Turbo 70 Magnitude, SC 70 Mongoose, Petersen 68 Cheetah, the Transpac 52 J-Bird III, Andrews 56 Medicine Man SC70 Skylark and Kernan 70 Peligroso.

                                  Stu Sanders

                                  I have been fizz boating for forty years and have a healthy respect for the sea and variable conditions. My main concern is always the weather, not the temperature or rain just the wind. My minimum planning speed is 25 knots I don’t want to be caught out in strong wind and wave conditions with 4 tons bouncing out of the water.

                                  I am now using PredictWind as my main source of information before every trip and have been impressed with the high percentage of accuracy.

                                    Paul Lawrence – Motor Yacht Captain

                                    I’m the Captain of two Classic and Historic Motor Yachts of 96’ and 108’. I spend the summer months cruising the Great lakes and the winter months cruising the Caribbean with long deliveries in-between.

                                    The Great Lakes are some of the toughest waters to navigate. They are known for their unpredictability and some of the most famous ship wrecks in the world! In one day we can have fog, thunderstorms and then a thermal build in the afternoon! The Caribbean speaks for itself with the volatile hurricane seasons especially at the end of summer/fall when we are heading south.

                                    This is my 4th year of using PredictWind. I have used professional weather routing services in the past as well as the other online weather subscription services. When I started with PredictWind I would compare the other services I was using before going to sea. I now find I solely use PredictWind for my forecasting as I can compare the two PWG and PWE forecasts giving me two comparisons and more confidence.

                                    On the long voyages I use PredictWind‘s weather planner and routing along with the GRIB file viewer to get an overall picture of what is going on. The options of fastest or comfort and boat polar accurately determine where I will be with the current weather conditions and an accurate ETA.

                                    For the local weather I use the forecast graphs and forecast maps to predict safe anchorages and the best locations for our guests. I may even try and slip in a kite surf while I’m there!

                                    PredictWind is extremely user friendly, cost effective and has great accuracy!

                                      Captain of four Motor Yachts 2003-Present
                                      • 108’ Burger, CHANTICLEER
                                      • 96’ Ted Geary, CANIM
                                      • 124’ Delta, MARAMA
                                      • 93’ Burger, INVADER
                                      • Alinghi Americas Cup Weather Team- Winner 2001-2003
                                      • New Zealand Charter Boat Captain 1998- 2001
                                      • MCA Yacht Master Ocean
                                      • New Zealand Commercial Launch Master
                                      • New Zealand Trade Certificate Boat Builder

                                    Get started with accurate forecasts now

                                    Join these industry leaders and get started with accurate forecasts now


                                    Sam Sills

                                    Nothing compares close to PredictWind! Usually it’s perfect with even the smallest wind shifts. I found this really useful during the world championships in Weymouth, August 2009. It super important not to get stuck on the wrong side of the fleet, as it was so big!  thanks so much PredictWind!

                                      • Under 17 World Champion 2009
                                      • Under 17 European Champion 2009
                                      • UK Windsurfer of the year 2009
                                      • Under 17 Med Cup Winner 2009
                                      • Under 17 NorthSea Cup 1st 2009
                                    Luke Wigglesworth

                                    When searching wind forecasts, at locations for Kiting or Windsurfing, PredictWind is definitely on the money. It has been spot on at Port Waikato for the three 40 knots blasts we had over winter and was on the hour for the 50 knots blast at Mangawhai Heads we had late August. PredictWind has given us great confidence that we are at the right location, at the right time for the best winds. It has the wind direction before and after the cold fronts almost perfect. Predict Wind has definitely helped us this year obtain great boat speeds results.

                                    Even in Sopot – Poland, this July for the World Windsurfing Techno Championships, PredictWind was incredibly accurate, which gave us a great heads up for the wind directions during the day.

                                      • New Zealand 1st Place( 43.8 Knots) GPS-Speedsurfing.com
                                      • Windsurfing Best Speed 45.5 Knots
                                      • Kite Speed Best Speed 47.8 knots
                                    Grant Beck

                                    I have been using PredictWind now since early 2008 to assist me for in supporting a number of the classes I have been coaching at regattas all around the world. It has been a great tool to use and I shall be using it regularly in the future.

                                      • 2008 Olympic Coach to Tom Ashley – Gold Medalist
                                      • Weather Strategist for Emirates Team NZ 2007 Americas Cup
                                      • 2000 Olympic Coach to Barbara Kendall Bronze Medalist / Coach to Aaron McIntosh Bronze Medalist
                                      • 1996 Olympic Coach to Barbara Kendall Silver Medalist
                                      • 1992 Olympic Coach to Barbara Kendall Gold Medalist
                                      • 1988 Olympic Coach to Bruce Kendall Gold Medalist
                                      • 1984 Olympic Coach to Bruce Kendall Bronze Medalist

                                    Get started with accurate forecasts now

                                    Join these industry leaders and get started with accurate forecasts now

                                    World Speed Records

                                    Macquarie Speed Sailing Team

                                    Since commencing our World Record attempt in October 2008, we have been fortunate enough to have access to the PredictWind website and the PredictWind Professional services associated with this site. For three months while on World Record standby, we have been analysing the PredictWind output and comparing it to other web based competitors producing forecasts for the Shallow Inlet region. While initially sceptical about PredictWind’s capacity to deliver on its promised accuracy, the facts are indisputable and lead us to confidently state that there is no better web based weather prediction service available for our location.

                                    The design of our craft, Macquarie Innovation (MI), is directed towards maximum efficiency and high speed. It is capable of achieving speeds over 50 knots in winds of less than 20 knots. Even in 15 knots of wind it has averaged over 45 knots along the 500m course. But in 12 -14 knot winds, MI will struggle to exceed 6 knots and calling the team in to have them watch a speed sailing craft sail at 6 knots is not conducive to good morale ! As a result, weather prediction accuracy takes on a new significance when confronted with such extreme performance outcomes. It is vital to the performance of our team and craft that we know in advance the expected wind speed to within a few knots and the wind direction to within several degrees of what is actually experienced.

                                    Having confidence in the weather forecast enables the team to function more efficiently, reducing the number of days spent waiting on the beach with no wind as well as eliminating the most dreaded of days when the wind arrives and no-one is on site to make use of it ! In the past, these detailed accuracy demands have been challenging for other web based forecasting services to provide. With the arrival of PredictWind, this is no longer the case. PredictWind services now play a vital role within our weather forecasting armoury and we never make an assessment on the weather, without consulting the numerous PredictWind resources. In a contest like ours where accuracy and precision are often the difference between success and failure, it is comforting to know that we share with companies like PredictWind, a common vision – to be the best in the world.

                                      2010 World Sailing Speed Record (C class) – 50.08 knots

                                    Get started with accurate forecasts now

                                    Join these industry leaders and get started with accurate forecasts now

                                    Yacht Racing

                                    Dylan Fletcher

                                    I have been using PredictWind since 2011 and it has been a game changer. The level of accuracy and amount of models make it a must have for any racer. In Olympic sailing we sail all around the world at different venues and need the high resolution to see on small scale what’s going on around the racecourse. More recently we used Predictwind every day during the Olympics in Enoshima (2020 sailing venue) and it helped us on the way to winning gold. A true must have!

                                      Key Achievements

                                      • 49er Gold Tokyo 2020 Olympics
                                      • 49er world champion
                                      • 4x 49er European champion,
                                      • Multiple World Cup winner
                                      • Multiple moth national titles (GBR)
                                      • ex GBR SailGP skipper
                                      • 29er Youth World Champion
                                    Peter Holmberg

                                    Having been born and raised in the steady Tradewinds of the Caribbean, I was generally a speed guy, and my weakness was understanding variable winds and weather at different places around the world. I also believe the most complex and difficult aspect of our sport of sailing and the ability to achieve good race results, for all sailors, is the weather. Therefore, I think forecasting is one of the most critical components we as sailors can benefit from. I have been using PredictWind since they launched and find it to be the most accurate and user-friendly program available. I use it at every single event around the world and it has proven to be the very best.


                                      Olympic Silver Medalist in the Finn Class

                                      World Match Racing Tour Winner

                                      America’s Cup Victory with Alinghi

                                    Nathan Outteridge

                                    ” The weather plays a huge part in our sport of sailing and it is the only thing that we can’t control, so the better that we understand it the better prepared we are for the days racing. As a professional sailor I’m constantly checking the forecasts and comparing the different models and monitoring the observations to work out training schedules and racing strategies. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not checking the weather. With out question Predictwind is the most used app on my phone, I honestly don’t know what I would do with out it.”

                                      List of highlight achievements
                                      Olympic Gold (2012) and Silver (2016) Medalist in the 49er Class
                                      4x 49er World Champion
                                      2x Moth World Champion
                                      3x Youth World Champion
                                      America’s Cup Skipper for Artemis Racing 2013 & 2017
                                      Sail GP Skipper JPN team 2019 & 2021

                                    Blair Tuke

                                    “Whether I am sailing or out surfing/diving- the Predictwind tools are very useful to help decide what the best mission is”

                                      Peter Burling
                                      The tools provide a great understanding of what is likely to happen during the day and how it is tracking. I would definitely recommend PredictWind to anyone heading out on the water.
                                        Sir Ben Ainslie
                                        I really enjoy using the PredictWind app wherever I’m racing around the World. The weather models and predictions are extremely accurate whilst the app itself is intuitive.
                                          Jimmy Spithill
                                          Great tool and technology, has been really beneficial for all my activities – I highly recommend it.
                                            Dean Barker

                                            “I have been using PredictWind for many years now and rely on the information for all the racing I do. Having access to the different weather models gives an immediate understanding of how a day will likely play out, and gives you confidence in a lot of decisions for the day. The different graphical features are also really helpful to visualise wind patterns in venues that we haven’t been to very often.”

                                              Iain Murray

                                              “America’s Cup 36 Race Management fully utilize the services of PredictWind for high resolution local forecasting on the five Americas Cup designated areas. Quality information is required 24 hours before racing for initial planning of the next days racing and PredictWind delivers. On race day PredictWind’s reliable solutions in combination with easy to read local observations provides us with the necessary tools to make the right choices in setting precise courses for the extreme performance of the AC36 yachts.”

                                                Kyle Langford

                                                “The first thing I do on a race day is check in with PredictWind, having confidence in a reliable forecast is such a big advantage going into racing. The high resolution models really show local land effects so when arriving at a new venue you already feel like you know the place”

                                                Australia’s Kyle Langford has been proving himself at national and international levels since he was a teenager. Winning the youth world championships in 2005 and subsequently being voted Australian Youth Sailor of the Year.

                                                Since then he has gone on to be part of the winning America’s Cup with ORACLE TEAM USA and reprised his role for the 2017 campaign in Bermuda. He has competed in two Extreme Sailing Series and won the RC44 World Championship.

                                                He came 3rd on Team Brunel in the 17-18 Volvo Ocean Race and more recently was part of the winning Australian SailGP Team and aboard Comanche for their 2019 Sydney- Hobart win.

                                                  Cameron Rylance – Goat Rodeo, Winner Mackinac Trophy 2019

                                                  I have used PredictWind for about 2 years now as a tool to confirm the forecast and tactical decisions. Starting about 3 days out we continuously run models to see which models are matching up and aligning with each other. This allows me to have confidence when the correct decision is to go far off rhumb line. Without these models before and during the race, it can be difficult to stick to a solid strategy. PW is also great for me because of the price point. In our fleet, we are often competing with boats running multi-thousand dollar programs and high end satellite systems. With PW we are able to keep up with top level teams and most importantly beat them.

                                                    Andrew Cape
                                                    The best tool we have for predicting the major trends and the most accurate of the models available.

                                                      Andrew is without doubt one of the most well-respected offshore navigators in the world.

                                                      • 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for Brunel
                                                      • 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for Team Telefónica
                                                      • 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for PUMA Ocean Racing
                                                      • 2005-06 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for Movistar
                                                      • 1997-98 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for Toshiba
                                                      • 1993-94 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for Tokio
                                                      • Winner America’s Cup 2003
                                                      • Barcelona World Race 2007-2008
                                                      • Five victories in the legendary Sydney-Hobart Race
                                                    Will Oxley – Navigator

                                                    Having used many of the commercial offerings from a variety of weather companies I was initially skeptical that PredictWind would prove to be worthwhile. However I am happy to say that I have been proved VERY wrong. I have now used PredictWind all over the world. I find that PredictWind’s fine scale models typically do an excellent job of dealing with local topographic effects and predicting the onset of local sea and land breezes. These are the fine details that we are actually interested in as sailors and the global models are just too coarse to pick up these subtleties.

                                                    Most recently I have completed the Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island Race Weeks in Australia. I have been racing in the Whitsunday’s for 20 years and the myriad of high islands make fine scale weather prediction quite difficult. The PWE model consistently did a great job of predicting the onset of the sea breeze and dealt very well with predicting the wind holes in the lee of islands and the wrapping of winds around islands. I was VERY impressed and PredictWind provided me with the most accurate forecasting I have had in my 20 years of racing in the Whitsundays.

                                                      • 12 Sydney – Hobart Races
                                                      • 3 Melbourne – Osaka Double Handed Races
                                                      • 2000-01 BT Global Challenge Skipper Compaq NonStop 2nd place.
                                                      • 2002-03 Americas Cup Weather Team Coordinator Victory Challenge
                                                      • 2005 Oryx Quest Non-Stop Round the World Race 1st
                                                      • 2005-06 Volvo Navigator Brunel
                                                      • 2007 Marblehead – Halifax 1st
                                                      • 2007 Giraglia Cup 1st
                                                      • 2007 Rolex Maxi Cup, Alfa Romeo
                                                      • 2009 Newport – Bermuda, Blue Yankee
                                                      • 2008-09 Volvo Navigation & Weather Support, Puma Ocean Racing
                                                      • 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for Camper
                                                      • 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for AlviMedica
                                                    Mike Sanderson

                                                    “One of the first things I do when going to a venue to race is ensure I have the PredictWind location loaded on my phone to really start to get a feel for what the wind does on the race area, can’t do without it and  live by it on a daily basis…”

                                                      Mike is a two time Volvo Ocean Race winner, veteran of three America’s Cup campaigns and was ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year in 2006. Mike also has extensive super yacht experience including taking the transatlantic monohull record on Mari Cha IV.

                                                    Mike Quilter

                                                    In the recent Auckland to Fiji Race PredictWind was the one that got it the best, compared to the ECMWF and the GFS, and they got it the best from a long way out. I have to say I was impressed.

                                                    I have used PredictWind for many years and find it particularly useful in the Med, often relying on it when in Palma and Peurto Cervo. The Med is a hard place to forecast, it’s all just thermal influences and the 1km PredictWind forecast has proven to be a very useful tool.

                                                      • 5 Round the World Races as navigator or watch captain.
                                                      • 4 Round the World races as onshore weather and strategy.
                                                      • 6 Americas Cups as navigator or weather program
                                                    Ray Davies – Tactician

                                                    We are having an exciting time sailing the new AC72, thanks to PredictWind’s technology for forecasting and the real time observations you’re providing, Predictwind is playing a key role in deciding which days we go sailing.

                                                      • 2nd 1997 Whitbread onboard Merit
                                                      • 1st 2001 Volvo Ocean Race onboard Illbruck
                                                      • Admirals Cup winner
                                                      • 1st Breitling Medcup 2006 Medcup on Mean Machine
                                                      • 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup Winner with Team New Zealand
                                                      • 1st 2009 LV Pacific Series
                                                      • Emirates Team NZ Tactician
                                                    Brad Butterworth

                                                    Alinghi has used the same weather modeling technology as PredictWind offers, and it played an important role in winning the 2003/2007 America’s Cup in both Auckland and Valencia. We have used it in regattas all around the world and have found the technology ‘second to none.’ I would highly recommend the PredictWind service to anyone wanting an accurate and reliable wind forecast.

                                                      America’s Cup:
                                                      • 2007 Winner, Alinghi
                                                      • 2003 Winner, Alinghi
                                                      • 2003 Louis Vuitton Cup, Winner, Alinghi
                                                      • 2000 Winner, Team New Zealand
                                                      • 1995 Winner, Team New Zealand
                                                      • 1992 Louis Vuitton Cup, finalist, New Zealand Challenge
                                                      • 1987 Louis Vuitton Cup, finalist, KZ7
                                                      Whitbread Round The World:
                                                      • 1993/1994 Winston
                                                      • 1989/1990 Winner, Steinlager II
                                                    Harold ‘H’ Bennett

                                                    I have been referring to PredictWind since its inception and in doing so have found the information extremely helpful in preparing daily for racing.

                                                    In whatever area I have had to prepare for racing I could confidently log into the forecasts and plan for any given day.

                                                    As an International Race Officer good sound weather forecasting is one of the most important tools in the tool box and to that end I would recommend PredictWind to any race management team anywhere in the world.

                                                      • Principal Race Officer 30th Americas Cup Auckland 2000
                                                      • Principal Race Officer 31st Americas Cup Auckland 2003
                                                      • Deputy Principal Race Officer 32nd Americas Cup Valencia 2007
                                                      • Principal Race Officer 33rd Americas Cup Valencia 2010
                                                      • On Water Operations Director & Assistant Principal Race Officer 34th Americas Cup San Francisco 2013
                                                    Ian ‘Fresh’ Burns

                                                    Things happen fast when navigating on a 100’ canting keel boat. You need to continuously update the crew on position, options and changes constantly.
                                                    To do this you need good tools, good information and it needs to be the latest predictions and they need to be delivered immediately.
                                                    We use a the whole range of weather tools from classic weather predictions to super fine grid GRIB files to compare and make decisions with.
                                                    PredictWind provides the latest GRIB files at a much higher resolution than other sources. They form an important part of our analysis inputs. The GRIBs from PredictWind are high resolution and offer a range of options for source data. It’s a great service.

                                                      • 2004-Present: ORACLE RACING Design Team Coordinator
                                                      • 2001-03: BMW ORACLE Racing, navigator
                                                      • 2000: Louis Vuitton Cup, Abracadabra, navigator
                                                      • 1998: Maxi World Champion, Sayonara
                                                      • 1995: Louis Vuitton Cup, OneAustralia (navigator), runner-up
                                                      • 1992: Louis Vuitton Cup, Spirit of Australia
                                                      • 1988: 12-Meter World Champion
                                                      • 1987: America’s Cup, Kookaburra, runner-up
                                                    Peter Isler
                                                    I have been very impressed, and now count a trip to the PredictWind.com web site as a regular part of my pre-race prep.
                                                      • Two-time America’s Cup Winner, Stars & Stripes Navigator.
                                                      • Top-ranked US skipper on the Professional Match Racing Circuit for five years
                                                      • Intercollegiate Sailor of the Year (Yale U.)
                                                      • World Champion, Ericsson 80 Maxi Class
                                                      • Newport to Bermuda Race Winner
                                                      • Pacific Cup (SF – Hawaii) Winner
                                                      • Pineapple Cup winner (FL – Jamaica) – record holder
                                                      • Transpacific Yacht Race winner (LA – Honolulu) – record holder
                                                      • Marblehead to Halifax Race Winner
                                                      • U.S. Team Race Champion
                                                    Francesco Mongelli – Navigator

                                                    The best thing about PredictWind is that it is very accurate and reliable! In addition it has grib files, maps, tables and utilities that can be easy and fast to use and powerful at same time. It is just fantastic to be able to use such a great versatile tool!

                                                      • 4 worlds, 1 European, 5 national, podiums and more minor titles as helmsman, tactician and navigator.
                                                      • Classes include Moth, Europe, IOR, IMS, Swan45, Farr40, TP52
                                                      • Teams: Alinghi, Calvi, DSK, Mintaka, Quantum Racing, Shosholoza, Synergy.
                                                      • Designer and developer of the Sailing Performer Data Analysis software
                                                    Ed Adams

                                                    In my current role as a professional sailing coach, I have found the PredictWind models to be very helpful in predicting local sea breezes. By using the GRIB files, you can sometimes see a twist in the wind direction from top to bottom, or pressure differences from right to left. On days when these features persist through all the relevant time steps of the GRIB, they are often realized on the race course. And if you play them correctly, it can make a big difference in your race result.

                                                      • 2 x Rolex Sailor of the Year
                                                      • Test Manager/Navigator Young America Syndicate
                                                      • US Sailing Team Coach: Olympic Gold and 2 World Championships
                                                      • Over 20 World or North American Championships, including Star Worlds
                                                    Ian Moore – Navigator

                                                    I only started using PredictWind.com this season, but I have now used it in all the venues of the TP 52 Medcup with Quantum Racing and it has become an integral part of our daily preparation, and weekly planning. I used to trawl the internet for high resolution data as well as wider area models but PredictWind is a great one stop shop for all my weather needs. I highly recommend it.

                                                      • Green Dragon Racing Team – Volvo Ocean Race 2008/09
                                                      • Emirates Team NZ 2007 Americas Cup
                                                      • 1st Volvo Ocean Race 2001/02 – Illbruck
                                                      • 1st TP52 Quantum Racing 2008 Medcup
                                                      • TP52 Patches 2007 – 3rd Medcup, 1st Global Championships 2006
                                                      • Transpac and Bermuda Race 1st – Morning Glory
                                                    Rod Dawson – Tactician

                                                    This year I have been using PredictWind on a daily basis on the TP52 circuit and other racing I have done, not only in Europe but other parts of the world. On a daily basis I use PredictWind to support a meteorologist’s forecast, finding it to be a great tool for preparing for the day’s racing. I really like the forecast maps to help ‘paint the picture’ of the day. Most important of all, the outputs from PredictWind have proved incredibly accurate throughout the season. I am happy to recommend it to anyone.

                                                      • 2000-2003 Americas Cup One World Challenge – Weather Strategist
                                                      • 2003-2007 Americas Cup BMW Oracle Weather Strategist
                                                      • 2007/08 Tactician Team German
                                                      • TP52 Platoon – Tactician
                                                      • 2008 NZ Laser National Champion
                                                      • 3 Times World Match Racing Tour Champion
                                                    Roger Nilson – Navigator
                                                    Telefonica Black –

                                                    During our buildup for the Volvo Ocean race, I have been looking at a few weather models, and evaluating their accuracy. I have been working with PredictWind for the last 3 months and have found the high resolution forecasts very useful. I would highly recommend these forecasts to all sailors – racing or cruising!

                                                      Roger Nilson, who has been announced as a navigator with the Telefonica team for the Volvo Ocean Race 2008/09, it will be his seventh lap of the course and eighth circumnavigation in all. The other was aboard Orange II for the Jules Verne Trophy in 2005. Roger Nilson, made his debut in the Whitbread in 1981-82 aboard Alsaka Eagle. His most recent race was the 2001-02 Volvo aboard Amer Sports One.

                                                    Nick White

                                                    As navigator in some of the world’s great races and as a former air force meteorologist, weather forecasts have been a crucial part of my life for as long as I can remember. Weather data used to only be available to government agencies and then of dubious quality. As the years pass by however, it gets noticeably better and more easily available. I have just started using PredictWind this year and it has been the best forecast model for our races by a large margin. In fact, I liked it so much I integrated it into Expedition to make it even easier to use!

                                                      • Expedition – development of this racing/weather routing software
                                                      • Former Air Force meteorologist
                                                      • Winner 1993/4 Whitbread
                                                      • America’s Cup meteorologist
                                                      • Volvo Ocean race navigator
                                                      • Winner of multiple Fastnet, Transpac, Pineapple Cup, Mackinac, Rolex Big Boat and numerous other regattas.
                                                    Marc Lagasse – Navigator

                                                    I have been using the PredictWind’s 1km High Resolution Model since it’s inception. I have no problem recommending it to any serious sailor as I find it extremely reliable and accurate. The fact that you get two models for comparison, allows you to make calls with confidence.

                                                    PredictWind’s 1km Model seems to be unusually accurate with regards to the geographical features of any venue. An update email and the fact the PredictWind interfaces seamlessly with Expedition Tactical Software has the added benefit of always having the latest weather data right there on your display.
                                                    Highly recommended!

                                                      • 2003-2007 Americas Cup, Shosholoza – Navigator
                                                      • 2007/08 United Internet Team Germany – Navigator
                                                      • 2007/08 TP52 Platoon – Navigator
                                                      • 2008 TP 52 Worlds 3rd
                                                      • 2008 Sardinia Cup – 2nd
                                                      • 2007 Maxi Cup – 2nd
                                                    Eric Marsh

                                                    I would recommend the Satellite Communicator (now replaced by the Iridium GO! which adds voice & Internet access and an Unlimited Data Plan!). In the recent Melbourne to Osaka Race 2013 I used your system and found the email service very reliable, the system at no time let me down. Also the weather updates proved to be very accurate and also very reliable. The system operated perfectly in all types of weather conditions with wind speeds ranging from 01 to 55 Knots, and over a distance of 14,000 nautical miles. The data charges were reasonable and from what other competitors were saying after the race, our system seemed to be lot more economical than other options.

                                                    I would definitely recommend this product for anyone going to sea!

                                                      • Member, HBYC, ORCV
                                                    Scott Walton – Tactician/Navigator

                                                    I was really impressed with the service. It was intuitive, easy to use, accurate and the different options for sorting the data was great. In conjunction with Version 6 of Expedition it worked extremely well.

                                                      • Australian Farr 40 / Sydney 38 circuit – Tactician
                                                      • Tour de France a la Voile Tactician
                                                      • Australian offshore regattas (Hamilton Island, Rolex, Savilles, Skandia, etc) Navigator R/P66 Black Jack
                                                    David Adams – Race Director/Coach

                                                    I have been looking for a weather program I could trust in the various roles I have – from trans-ocean to round the buoys all over the world – and PredictWind is now filling that role. I was skeptical at the start but have grown in confidence the more I use it. The usual problems of ocean/land interface seem to be a thing of the past. I have used it in several Australian ports lately in my coaching role and it has proved a valuable tool. We are currently evaluating the program to use with the Eco 60’s in the Velux 5 Oceans 2010-11 yacht race and will be using it while watching the Vendee Globe race as the competitors sail through the southern ocean this year.

                                                      • Master Mariner Class 1
                                                      • Competitor BOC Challenge solo round the world yacht race 1990-91 and 1994-95 (winner Class II)
                                                      • Joint Race Director 2000 The Race round the world yacht race
                                                      • Race Director 2005-6 Velux 5 Oceans solo round the world race
                                                      • Race Director 2010-11 Velux 5 Oceans solo round the world race
                                                      • Southern Ocean Safety Consultant Vendee Globe 2004 and 2008
                                                      • Coach 2004 Australian Olympic Team (Yngling) Athens
                                                      • Coach 2000-8 Youth Match Racing Program Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
                                                    2016 Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race – Winner Class C – Geoff Brieden

                                                    They BYC Mac was a great race for us with close competition all the way. The boat is a J120, Scout, and we sailed against 10 other J120’s in our class. We stuck to our game plan with the help from the PredictWind forecasts and Weather routing, it paid off. After the race the we were able to see how close the PredictWind Weather routing was compared to our actual track.  We relied on wifi hot spots and cell service for a few updates via the Offshore App e-mail functionality but next year we will definitely invest in the Iridium Go for better connectivity during the race.

                                                      Wouter Verbraak – Navigator

                                                      PredictWind is the weather tool any sailing team is dreaming of: reliable, easy to use, and most importantly extremely accurate!

                                                        Wouter Verbraak has more than 20 years of navigation/weather routing experience from races such as Admirals Cup, Volvo Ocean and Volvo Baltic Race, Tour de France, Commodore’s Cup, Fastnet and Cowes week.

                                                        • Team Russia – Volvo Ocean Race 2008/09
                                                        • Oryx Quest 2005
                                                        • Middle Sea Race 2004
                                                        • Tour de France 2004
                                                        • Volvo Baltic Race 2003 + 2004
                                                        • Vendee Globe
                                                        • Olympics 2000 + 2004
                                                        • 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race – Navigator for Team Vestas
                                                      Oliver Davis

                                                      Before practice and race days in the Farr 40 class on Samba Pa Ti and Barking Mad, the custom weather forecasts that our tacticians and the whole team reviewed early every morning were a critical part of our success. As a sailing instructor planning a day on the water, having a detailed and reliable prediction about what the wind is likely to do allows me to execute a plan that makes the most of the day and gives our students the best possible productive learning experience.

                                                      PredictWind is like having your own private weather router for wherever on Puget Sound I’m sailing that day!

                                                        Sailing Instructor
                                                        • Instructor, Windworks Sailing Center
                                                        • Martin 244 match racing coach
                                                        • Instructor, Center for Wooden Boats
                                                        • BST Instructor-Trainer – US Naval Academy
                                                        • Volunteer Coach, UW NROTC Sailing Team
                                                        • US SAILING level 1 and Keelboat Instructor
                                                        • bowman, Farr 40 NA Champions 2004
                                                        • Farr 40 Nat’l Champions 2002, 2004
                                                      Adrian McHardy

                                                      On behalf of everybody on the ‘Open Country’ team a really big thank you to everyone at PredictWind Our decision to invest in PredictWind and to put all our ‘beans in one bucket’ has paid off.

                                                      Open Country is a 1970’s design Beale 35 – so we are no grey hound – we are quick up wind – so ‘old age and rat cunning’ are needed to outsmart some of the newer go fast boats!

                                                      I guess the key to our success was being able to put the boat in the best wind for our best performance – and this is where we really owe our gratitude to PredictWind. At several critical locations the PredictWind Weather Routing proved to be invaluable in our routing decision making process.

                                                        Round North Island Race
                                                        • 2nd overall IRC division
                                                        • 2nd Division 4
                                                      Phil Eadie

                                                      We used the Satellite Communicator (now replaced by the Iridium GO! which adds voice & Internet access and an Unlimited Data Plan!). Installation was completed a day before the race, with little testing time. Although I was initially sceptical about a new system and the late installation, the system was easy and clear to operate, well presented, and the results were excellent.

                                                      Our decision to install at the last minute was due to the fact we had just discovered this new system. We were impressed with reliable global coverage, low power usage, and low running cost compared to other satellite systems.

                                                      Particularly useful for us in this race were the weather routed tables of forecast wind, enabling efficient sail and boat management, and solid crew confidence in the forecast changes of wind strength, timing, extent of and direction of wind changes – really makes the navigator look good !

                                                      I would have no hesitation recommending the system to anyone racing (or cruising I expect), who does not wish to pay the notably higher installation and running costs of other satellite systems.

                                                        Navigator ‘Victoire’
                                                        • Recent  2013, 2014 achievements
                                                        • “Shamrock V” Cannes Classics
                                                        • Sydney-Hobart win overall “Victoire”
                                                        • Middle Sea Race
                                                        • Laser Master Worlds
                                                        • 34 Sydney Hobart Races (3 wins, 2 line hons)
                                                        • 6 Admirals Cups (win 1979)
                                                        • Transaltantics Races, Bermuda Race
                                                      Simon Hull

                                                      I would recommend the Satellite Communicator (now replaced by the Iridium GO! which adds voice & Internet access and an Unlimited Data Plan!) for any racing Campaign, and would also be suitable for the cruising boats due to its low cost and ease of use.

                                                        Skipper Team Vodafone Sailing

                                                        “We found PredictWind offers a great solution for delivering an accurate weather routing forecast on a limited communication budget.”

                                                        “By having the routing algorithm on PredictWind´s servers, you eliminate most of the data costs of sending a full GRIB files. The weather routing updates have been very reliable, pretty easy to operate, and have quickly summarized our options. In addition the ability to send and receive emails is a great feature for racing or passages.”

                                                      Ron Bianchi

                                                      I have been using PredictWind for all my weather briefings and wind tactics courses for the last few years, and have found that the accuracy is incredible!

                                                      Being a Meteorologist, verification of forecasts is everything so I know how good the forecasts are. In this past season and the 2010 season, PredictWind wind forecasts verified exceptionally well, with errors of only 1.22 knots for the 24 hr forecasts, and directional errors of 11-16 degrees from actual forecasts. I have tried other similar forecast services on the Web and verified their forecasts, nothing comes close to PredictWind’s accuracy and reliability. The downscaling techniques that PredictWind uses to predict detailed local winds, proves itself over and over again to be far superior than any other service, bar none!

                                                        Sailing Instructor/ Meteorologist
                                                        Racing Wind Tactics Instructor
                                                        Weather Forecaster for Major Regattas
                                                        • CYA Advanced Sailing Instructor 1984-2000
                                                        • Meteorology Instructor for Racing Sailors 1984-Current
                                                        • Marine Meteorologist with 25+ years experience
                                                      Charles-Edouard Broc

                                                      Our team is made from good sailors but not professional, we are a Corinthian crew. Coming from Brittany we are sailing in the UK only one week per year and we look for an affordable and easy to use solution to help us in strategy and navigation. We used for the first time your “basic” solution during the Half Ton Classic Cup in Cowes.

                                                      As tactician onboard the Grand Soleil 44 Eleuthera I decided this year to subscribe to the “premium” version and I can say that this help us a lot. After a third place in the Spi Ouest France in la trinité in IRC 1 we have finished second in individual boat at the Comodorres Cup in Cowes then second at the Voiles de Saint Tropez in the South of France.

                                                      Every morning we downloaded your forecast and compare these one with the local situation, your prediction and the fact that hour after hour we can see how the wind will shift or increase/decrease help a lot to define our strategy.

                                                      Thanks for this fabulous tool!

                                                        Dave Ullman – Founder of Ullman Sails

                                                        PredictWind has been been fantastic. With all the various coaching roles I have been involved in around the world it has been by far the most reliable forecast system around the world!

                                                          • Rolex Yachtsman of the Year in 1996, nominated again for 2007
                                                          • Three-time 470 World Champion
                                                          • 2007 Melges 24 World Champion
                                                          • Five-time Lipton Cup Champion (1992-1996)
                                                          • Ten-time Lido 14 National Champion
                                                          • National Champion in the Snipe, Thistle, Sabot and Coronado 15 racing classes.
                                                          • S.O.R.C. class-winning skipper
                                                          • U.S. Team Racing Champion
                                                          • U.S. Men’s National Champion (Mallory Cup)
                                                          • Former coach of the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team.
                                                        Bob Trenkamp

                                                        I have raced all over the globe — Sydney-Hobart, Newport Bermuda, Marion-Bermuda, Newport-Cuxhaven Germany, over the top of Scotland. I served as navigator / captain or navigator on all these races. PredictWind was something that was essential to our success. If I were still racing sailboats, I would subscribe to everything you publish. You weren’t always “spot on” but you were always the best there was. Thanks for what you did for me and the races I navigated.

                                                          Andreas Kosmatopoulos – Olympic – 470 World Champion

                                                          “I was amazed by the accuracy of PredictWind in different World’s locations. It helped me to implement efficient strategy in advance, despite having on the water lack of coaching support. It was my successful secret weather advisor as an athlete and now my daily wind prediction “must have” tool as a coach”.

                                                            Andreas Kosmatopoulos
                                                            B.P.A. Physical Education
                                                            M.A. Olympic Studies
                                                            470 World Champion
                                                            5 times Olympian

                                                            Five times Olympian (1992 to 2008 Olympic Games) in Double Handed Int. class 470
                                                            Gold medal 470 Men’s World Championship 1995
                                                            Silver medal 470 Men’s World Championship 2002
                                                            Silver medal 470 Men’s European Championship 2002
                                                            Bronze medal 470 Open Europeans 2002
                                                            Bronze medal 470 Mediterranean Games 1997
                                                            Bronze medal 470 Pre-Olympics Savannah 1995
                                                            Four times ISAF World ranking No. 1
                                                            8th  place at Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
                                                            Gold medal Carrara international regatta 1992
                                                            Gold medal Christmas Race Palamos 1996
                                                            Gold medal Athens Eurolymp Int.Week 1993,1994,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2008
                                                            Gold medal Balkan Games 1992,1993,1994,1996
                                                            Silver medal Semaine Olympique de Voile Hyeres 1998
                                                            Silver medal Barcelona Sailing week 2002
                                                            Silver medal Roma Sail Week 1998
                                                            Silver medal Kiel Week 2001
                                                            Bronze medal Holland regatta 2000
                                                            Bronze medal Danish Spring regatta 1995 & 1999
                                                            Bronze medal Princess Sophia Trophy (Palma) 1998 & 2002
                                                            Bronze medal Barcelona Sailing week 2007

                                                          Mike Broughton – Professional race navigator
                                                          Mike Broughton is a professional race navigator who has won many titles including World and European Championships. His advice is sought by race organisers such as the RORC and Olympic Sailing Teams. As an offshore navigator he has sailed in over 60 races over 600 miles and over 20 across oceans. In his role as a shoreside weather router he has helped teams to success on many races and successful World Record attempts.

                                                          He is qualified to captain large superyachts and previously had a successful career in the Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm flying Commando Sea King helicopters and the smaller Lynx helicopters off the decks of frigates & destroyers, day and night and in all weathers.

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