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PredictWind provides only the top-ranked global models, these leading models are only available through PredictWind, giving unparalleled weather data. The super high resolution PWG PWE models only available at PredictWind along with regional NAM, HRRR & AROME models.


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PredictWind Features

Forecast Tables

The table shows the forecast in a text format. This is a commonly used format that is easy to understand and shows both PredictWind forecasts.

Forecast Graphs

Shows the same information as the table, but in a graphical format. This makes it very easy to compare the 2 PredictWind forecasts, and graphically view the forecasted trends.

Wind Maps - Arrows

Click to view a sample wind map in an arrow format with pressure contours. The colour of the arrows represent the wind speed. Full zoom and pan control of the Map.

Wind Maps - Wind Barbs

Click to view a sample wind map with traditional wind barbs, colour wind speed gradients and pressure contours. The colour contours represent the wind speed. This is our favourite format. Full zoom and pan control of the map.

Wind Maps - Black Arrows

Click to view a sample wind map with the wind direction shown as a plain black arrow to highlight the colour wind speed gradients. The colour contours represent the wind speed. Full zoom and pan control of the Map.


CAPE stands for Convective Available Potential Energy and is the amount of fuel available to a developing thunderstorm.

Gust Maps

Gusts are sudden, brief increases in the speed of the wind. Gusts can do major damage and make boat control difficult, and often more dangerous than a high average wind strength.

Wave Maps

Click to view a sample wave forecast. The colour gradients show the significant wind wave & swell height, the black arrows the primary wave direction, and the black contours the wave period.

Rain Maps

Click to view a sample rain forecast as a blue shading, red for heavy rain, along with wind barbs and pressure contours so you can easily identify frontal systems in the forecast.

Cloud Maps

Click to view a sample cloud forecast as white shading. All white is full cloud cover!

Isobar Maps

Click to view a sample surface pressure isobar map. This is useful to see the synoptic situation showing the high and low pressure systems.

Air Temperature Maps

Click to view a sample air temperature forecast. The colour gradients show the air temperature.

Sea Temperature Maps

Click to view a sample sea surface temperature observation. This map show the latest sea surface temperature map derived for satellite data. It is not a forecast, simply shows the latest data with one map.

Weather Routing

Find the quickest or safest route on your next trip, and the wind conditions along the route. PredictWind has the world’s first online weather routing service. Simply drag the start and end waypoints on the map, and the PredictWind server will calculate the fastest route or the safest route for your trip.

Departure Planning

What is the best day to depart on your next coastal or offshore passage? You will be spanning different weather patterns, and this powerful tool will quickly summarize the wind conditions you will encounter if you left on Day1, Day2, Day3, or Day4. Simply drag the start and destination waypoints on the map and the weather routing algorithm will summarize the forecast wind data for the next 4 days of departure.

Forecast Alerts

Setup your ideal forecast conditions for your specific location and be automatically notified by email or push notification when your ideal conditions are forecasted for your location.

Live Wind Observations

Real time weather data from 10,000 live stations across the globe.

PredictWind Tools

All PredictWind world leading forecasts and tools are available on mobile apps in addition to the forecast website.

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Stay connected anywhere in the world with Iridium GO!™. Compact, rugged and reliable global connection with your own smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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The YB3i is the ultimate GPS tracking device, and now affordable for every boat. Powered by Iridium technology for full GPS tracking coverage anywhere on the planet.

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PredictWind Offshore App

With Built In GRIB Viewer

The updated Offshore App from PredictWind is the ultimate tool for getting and viewing forecast information offshore.

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