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The best forecasts to make better decisions.

Get unparalled accuracy with the top ranked global forecast models, including our own PWG & PWE coastal forecasts, down to an incredible 1km resolution. Along with NAM, HRRR and AROME, these models accurately predict sea breezes and geographic wind affects.

The best forecasts to make better decisions.

Hi-res Maps

Experience unrivalled accuracy and detail like never before. Select from our extensive range of forecasts below.

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Know before you head out

See what’s happening right now on the water with over 20,000 live weather Observations.Find out more
Know before you head out

Efficient routes, every time

Set your start and end points and Weather Routing plots an optimised route through the wind, waves and current for safety, speed or comfort.

View the Technical Report for more info.

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Efficient routes, every time

Get on the water with less admin

Our Departure Planning Tool finds you the perfect departure date by comparing your route if leaving on day 1, 2, 3 or 4.Find out more

Day 1

Day 2


Day 3

Day 4

Get on the water with less admin

Learn from the locals

Hear about the best spots, amenities and activities at your destination, from the locals, using Local Knowledge.Find out more

Get notified when conditions are perfect

Set your preferences and relax. We’ll send you Alerts when conditions are just the way you like them.Find out more
Get notified when conditions are perfect
Model Rankings

See model accuracy rankings

The Validation tool directly compares the forecast with weather station observations to show the errors in both wind speed and direction, and then ranks the models accordingly.


Weather Data’s never looked so good! View Maps to see animated weather layers with incredible detail.

Daily Briefing


Designed for use on cellular and wifi networks.

PredictWind Mobile App
  • For Cellular & WIFI Connections
  • Save Locations
  • View Data Your Way
  • Increased Accuracy
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Satellite Devices

Stay connected offshore with our satellite devices for data, GPS tracking and communications. Buy from us for unbeatable customer support from our team of expert sailors.

Iridium GO! exec
Save US$150!

Iridium GO! exec

  • 40X faster than the GO!
  • SOS & voice calls from the unit
  • Portable, reliable, low power
  • (No GPS tracking capability)
Iridium GO!

Iridium GO!

  • Stay connected worldwide
  • Data, phone & GPS tracking
  • Compact, rugged & reliable
  • Connects to any device
DataHub by PredictWind
Save US$100!

DataHub by PredictWind

  • GPS tracking
  • Blogging / N2K data logging
  • Broadcast internet & GPS data
  • Remote support / Automated polars
YB3i Tracker
Save 20%

YB3i Tracker

  • Truly global GPS tracking
  • World’s most affordable GPS tracker
  • Iridium technology
  • Backup battery runtime 3-4 weeks

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