YB3i Tracker by PredictWind

The lowest cost Global GPS tracking device


The Most Affordable GPS Tracking Solution

The YB3i is the ultimate GPS tracking device, and now affordable for every boat. Powered by Iridium technology you will always have full GPS tracking coverage anywhere on the planet.


GPS tracking is a well proven safety feature for all boats, allowing friends & family to check you are safely on course to your next destination.


The GPS data is accurate as the unit is above decks, with a high quality GPS receiver. The unit sends GPS reports every 2 hours.

Ultra low power

The unit wakes up and sends GPS data every 2 hours. Power usage is so minimal that you will not notice the average power usage of 350 milliamps. The unit comes with a 3m/10ft power cable.

Lowest Cost Global GPS tracking

At US$19.95/month PredictWind offers the lowest cost GPS tracking on the market, with full global coverage from Iridium. Run your GPS tracking continuously at minimal monthly cost, even if you turn off your main satellite communications.


A Reliable GPS Solution

Submersible to 3m, and with an internal battery your GPS tracking will run without external power for 1 month in case of power outage. YB Tracking is the premium GPS tracking provider for all yacht races/cruising rallies around the world. This is why we have partnered with the world’s leading GPS tracking supplier for the most reliable unit in the marine market.

Note: The Standard or Professional package of PredictWind is required for a customized PredictWind GPS tracking page. However we think all boats going offshore should be getting PredictWind weather data & tools, so the tracking page feature is supplied at no extra cost to the PredictWind Standard / Pro weather packages.

YB3i Tracker

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RRP US$619

YB3i Accessories

PredictWind offers 2 optional mount accessories for the YB3i unit.

Flat Mount


Rail Mount


All units shipped from our closest shipping facility in USA / Germany / Australia / NZ. Additional import duties may apply if shipping outside of these countries.

PredictWind Pricing

Activation Fee:
Monthly Fee:
Monthly contract paid upfront, pro-rated for the first month.

Note: The Standard or Professional package of PredictWind is required for a customized PredictWind GPS tracking page. However we think all boats going offshore should be getting PredictWind weather data & tools, so the tracking page feature is supplied at no extra cost to the PredictWind Standard / Pro weather packages.

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The best pricing on the web

The best support in the industry - one stop shop for support & billing

PredictWind GPS tracking page

Billing Pro-rated - if activated part way through the month

Share Your GPS Tracks

You can share your GPS tracks on the PredictWind website and the Offshore App. A custom GPS tracking page is set up for you so you can share your live position as well as trip updates with friends and family.



How does it work?

YB3i uses the Iridium Satellite network. Specifically, it uses an Iridium service called ‘Short Burst Data’ (SBD). At the heart of YB3i is an Iridium 9602 modem.

What is the contract length with the YB3i plan?

There is no long-term contract. The YB3i plan is month by month. Each month auto renews on the 1st of the month unless you cancel via the PredictWind Satellite Portal . You cannot cancel the plan in the same month that you activate.

Can I re-connect a disconnected YB3i?

Yes, after disconnecting a YB3i you can re-connect at any time.  A US$59 activation fee will apply to any activation.

Can I Cancel a Plan? 

Plans can be cancelled at any stage during the month except during the first month as you cannot activate a plan and cancel a plan in the same calendar month. The cancellation will happen immediately. No refunds are applied to the existing plan.

Can I send emails/SMS messages with the PredictWind YB3i?

Yes, you can do this using the YB Tracking Connect App. This app allows you to send and receive short messages, via email or SMS. This service is provided by YB Tracking, and you will need to buy credits using the YB Tracking App. The PredictWind data plan at US$19.95 only covers the GPS tracking communication cost. Please see the YB Tracking Connect App Manual for details on how to download the App and use this service. Any questions regarding this service should be directed to the YB Tracking help desk by sending an email to info@ybtracking.com

How can I mount the YB3i?

The YB3i can be mounted in a variety of ways. The simplest way is to purchase our optional Rail Mount (available in the shop), which allows the unit to be easily mounted to a rail or pole. The unit can also be stuck down flat, in ceiling voids for example, using high-strength velcro on the flat base. Lastly, it has a set of 4 recessed M5 bolt holes on the base. You can use these to secure the unit using your own mounting solution, by bolting through a plate or hull.

Does the YB3i include my weather services from PredictWind?

No, the weather services are separate to your YB3i connection. You will need the Standard or Professional PredictWind forecast package to have your customized tracking page.

Can I install the YB3i myself?

Yes, the YB3i is a very simple unit to install for anyone. See user manual here.

Does the price include sales tax? 

Local sales tax maybe added onto your hardware purchase. If importing the goods outside of USA/Germany/New Zealand and Australia import duties may apply.  For the airtime plans, depending on your location, local taxes may apply, and this is added during the activation checkout process. PredictWind is required to collect your IP address (to know your location), the Credit Card Country of issue and the Billing address you have entered. If you change your location whilst using the service you can login to the Satellite Portal and change your Billing address, which will calculate the new tax rate.

What is the warranty period for a YB3i and can I get an advanced warranty?

The YB3i come with a 1-year Iridium factory warranty from the date of purchase, and the turnaround time for a warranty replacement can be 6-8 weeks. We highly recommend that you upgrade the standard warranty to the PAW (PredictWind Advanced Warranty) for US$99 when activating the YB3i to ensure a fast warranty replacement, within 5-7 working days. If you purchase the PAW, in the event of a diagnosed fault, a replacement unit will be shipped immediately. We simply need confirmation that the faulty unit has been returned to our repair centre in the UK. YB3i and PAW warranty states that you must ship the unit back at your expense. The PAW is only available to YB3i units within one year from the purchase date.


Small form factor, with multiple mounting options

Can be covertly mounted/positioned

Will run on 9-30V external power supply

Backup internal battery, for 3 - 4 weeks use

Truly Global Operation, using the Iridium satellite network

Technical Specifications

Powered By:
9-30V input, with integrated backup

5.12in (130mm) diameter x
1.97in (50mm) high

350 grams

IP-68 (submersion up to 3m permanently)

Transmits Using:
Iridium Short Burst Data

Other Certifications:
MIL-810 F/G (Ruggedness)

Ideal For:
Permanent Installation on Ships, Yachts, Vehicles etc.

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